You are currently viewing Atomy MLM business plan information

Atomy MLM business plan information

What is Atomy network marketing (MLM)

Atomy is a Korean network marketing company founded in 2009 and expanding its Atomy business globally. The business motto is “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price” and the main products are health supplements, skin care products, cosmetics and various consumer goods. It is one of the largest and ranks 11th in “multi level marketing” (MLM)companies in the world.

Where individual items are selling and to earn money by putting up with people and claimed 15 million members globally. Last year it achieved sales of $1,307 million in its 14 global markets, including South Korea, an increase of 13.90% over the previous year.

Atomy is Korea’s first multi-level marketing sales company, ranking 20th on the DSN Global 100 last year and joining the ranks of global direct sales companies. It is looking for new ways of making the latest in a line of direct selling companies. Who are struggling financially are particularly likely to attract people and cash which is a trend that the epidemic has accelerated.

It specializes in beauty and skin care products and health supplements. It says giving people the opportunity to become their own boss and earn extra income by becoming a distributor.  In simple terms, members earn points from their personal purchases and purchases made by their “legs” that is, they recruit a team of customers as members.

Points are change into commissions and other payments. Before you can earn a commission, you need a minimum of individual points, as well as for each of your feet.

Atomy new city launch

With continue growth, Atomy enter 13 global regions including the US, Japan, Canada and Taiwan, and is set to launch in India, Turkey, Hong Kong and Colombia this year. Joining the ranks of global direct sales companies.

Starting from South Korea the company was knock in India today, 22 February 2019. Government ROC has registered itself with nearly 10 crores authorized capital and paid-up capital of about 10 crores. The company has made the registration but work has not started yet.

Even though the company’s products started coming out yet the enthusiasm among the members is high, people are already joining because the team is free to join, team building, seminars etc.

So even when the company introduced its benefits are available before, if you still want the benefits, you can secure your position today, and make your career.

How P.V is generated to commission?

Atomy works on a binary system with only 2 groups left and right groups. These two groups can have unlimited people. The commission is same by any person of the two groups. Each product sold has a point value also called PV.

For example, toothpaste has a PV of 10k and Hemo Him + has a PV of 100k. Some of the products sold on the multiple sets of the same PV so you must decide what to PV more savings on the cost of production.

One of the most asked questions is that PV is so high? The answer is because Korea currency to $ 1 USD currently around 1,000 WON is (RM 4.7 +), so it is not much, it just seems high to use in the USA. So instead of 10k PV 10,000 PV on your product and PV point value.

When you first start as a member and you will be joining atomy your 10k PV sales to be representative of the first purchase of 299k PV and commissions are already qualified for the full year. As long as you are a member and you don’t need to buy products every month to earn your commission, your personal PV accumulates.

After a year in which you only need to buy a product in order to activate your subscription to PV. Under your own membership ID, no matter how it is when the 4 toothpaste tubes are only good for you and RM 20.00 for another year-round.

You can get commission with 10k individual PV. But why really make only $ 24 USD when you can earn around $ 70 USD with a small purchase of everyday used products. This is what PV is generate to commission.       

Mastership promotions and Incentives   

Not only do you get daily commissions you can also get 7 masterships you can achieve with Atomy. Once you reach a certain mastership you will get one of the following time bonuses.

Sales Master > Diamond Master > Sharon Rose Master > Star Master > Royal Master > Crown Master > Imperial Master

1. Sales Master

When you join, the PV of the products purchased for your own home is 10,000 Pv (from buying products of Rs.1500 to Rs.2000), then according to Atomy Global Plan. Your 5 points are count and accordingly they given a daily bonus of Rs. 1,321.

AGENT – If your personal points reach 3 lakh Pv. So your 15 points a count. Accordingly they given a daily bonus of Rs. 3,964

Special agent – ​​If your personal points reach 7 lakh PPV. So your 30 points count. Accordingly they given a daily bonus of Rs. 7,929

DEALER – If your personal points reach up to 15 lakh PV then your 60 points count. Correspondingly they given a daily bonus of Rs. 15,857


If your individual scores (PV) reach 24 lakhs, then your 90 points count accordingly. Daily bonus given is Rs. 23,786.

When your personal points reach 24 lakhs. Then you don’t need to make points. Highest Rank Imperial Master only 24 lakh PV goods must be bought.

E.D Rank Having 60,00,000 PV Matching in E.D Rank 150 points count accordingly. Daily bonus given is Rs. 39,644

Having 2,00,00,000 PV Matching in E.D Rank 250 points count accordingly. Daily bonus given is Rs. 66,073. Having 5,00,00,000 PV Matching in E.D Rank 300 points count accordingly. Daily bonus given is Rs. 79,287

Now we know how to get 20% Mastership Bonus Level / Ranks.

Sales Master Bonus 10%

When you have 25 lakh pv in the left side and 25 lakh pv in the right side from 1-15 or 16 till the last of the month and your own pv becomes 7 lakh then. You become a sales master in this rank with an estimate monthly income of 1.4 lakhs so you can get some rewards.

2. Diamond Master Bonus

When Your Left Side 2 Sales Master and right side 2 Sales Master are made and if you have your own PV 15 lakhs. You become Diamond Master when you

If you become a Diamond Master for first time. You getting some rewards and the income you get Presumptive monthly income in this rank.

The level that comes after 2.6 lakh Diamond Master.

3. Sharon Rose Master

When 2 Diamond Master on your Left Side and 2 Diamond Masters on the right side and your own PV is 24 lakhs then you become Sheron Master.

Sheron Rose Master in which, the company gives 2% and getting some rewards and you get an estimated monthly income of 6.5 lakhs in this rank, the level that comes after that is Star Master.

4. Star Master Bonus

When 2 Sheron Rose Master in your left side and 2 Sheron Rose Master in your right side, then you become Star Master. Now you dont need to do work on your own pv. The first 24 lakh pv has been made for you and will not need any more pv on this level.

The estimated monthly income in this rank is 13 lakhs, you getting some kinds of reward.

5. Royal Master

When 2 Star Master in your left side and 2 Star Master in right side then you become Royal Master. So the company provide car and 1.2 lkahs cash card.

6. Crown Master

To become Crown Master, you must make 2 Royal Masters on your left side and 2 Royal Masters on your right side. Estimated Monthly Income in Rs.52 Lakhs.

7. Imperial Master

To become an Imperial Master, you have to make 2 Crown Master in your left side and 2 Crown Master on right side, on becoming 2-2 Crown Master on both sides

You become the Imperial Master, the income you get in this, the estimated monthly income in this rank is 70 lakhs.

How do you make money in Atomy?

With Atomy business there is no sale involve. When you make a commission, you can get a bonus and others will be inspire to join atomy and talk to encourage others. These are just some of the goal settings which you can earn money.

With the help of Atomy, you decide when and how fast you want to make money. Of course, the first step is to get your free Atomy membership ID. To do this, contact the person who introduced you to Atomy or join our group.

Your style, desire, time, and resources on how to start your group and you decide if this is the largest component of the increase. There is no extra cost here you need to buy daily use products like toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, skincare etc. In fact, it may save you money. Doing so will add you PV (point value). You talk about products as you go about your life.

Online shopping mall

Atomy is a global online mall, which currently operates in 14 countries and expanded every year more countries. Our daily requirement of producing the product with the best quality at the lowest possible price. Therefore, members shop online for products with big discounts.

It is known for the absolute quality for the absolute price. Atomy Online Mall offers products like personal care, beauty, home products, health supplements, and many more.

Business model Atomy the domestic expenses provide a means of change in household income. However, it does much more than that.

Atomy mall is a south based company established in 2006. Stand in rank no.20th in top 100 companies in direct selling industry. More than 1 Lakh people became multi-millionaire. Atomy is running successful in 16 countries. Atomy business share is listing in NSE (New York Stock Exchange), trading value around Rs.1300.

The story behind of ATOMY

Mr Park worked as a salary employer for 70 Years but when he thinks there is no retirement plan, he leave the job. And then Mr park started his own online shopping mall in 1999. Due to lack of struggle he can’t stand properly in business and in 3 years. Mr Park got bank corrupt and he was completely disappointed.

And at the same time, he got liver disease and his wound was slowly increasing the doctor advised him to take complete rest. Mr park was in bed and during that time his wife took care of his house. Even a month of hard work, she was only earning 15000 Korean wan. A 50-year-old woman in Korea could not earn more than this.

With this money, all the expenses of the house were uses for school fees of the children and the medicine of Mr park. One cold night when his wife back to home Mr. Park saw that his wife was shivering with cold. He said why do not you turn on the heater now on this his wife said if you were working today, I would have to see this day.

Their world was completely over and slowly the argument grew between them. And one day the breaking point came when Park wife says we were separate and by now their children had also graduate. Mr Park’s world was completely beaked Park got down on his knees and he requested to his wife didn’t know to leave. He said where you will go, you have no money, no retirement plan and still you want to go, give me some time at least so that I can arrange the house and money for you.

I can let you go like this and since then he worked twice as hard, and Mr. Park put his retirement plan in his wife’s personal account without informing, the bonding of love is never got separate. Mr Park tells that because of the power of this love today he became the owner of such a big company.

The company started from South Korea has knocked in India today on 22 February 2019. Government of India ROC has register itself having about 10 crores authorized capital and 10 crores paid up capital. The company has got the registration done but the work yet has start. Atomy enterprises India Private Limited Its Headquarter is in Kalkaji South Delhi and Its Director in India is Shaikh Imtiyaz Ali.

Although the company’s products started coming yet the excitement it is very high in the members, people are already joining because of joining is free the team is getting ready, doing seminars etc. So that whenever the company starts its benefits are available first if you still want its benefits, then you can secure your position today, and make your career with an experience leader.


Joint venture of South Korean Government

KAERI and KOLMAR is a big organization take place when the great research is done and enters in markets. It has great response in markets Mr Park have the trust to their product to sell Quality Products at Affordable Price at doorsteps. But due to tradition markets is impossible so Mr Park get an idea to sell products at Direct selling method.

Both company KAERI and KOLMAR manufacturer their products and supply to the other company this company name as ATOMY. Atomy is not a small name or not made by 4/5 members. This is a backup capitalize Southern company where government is largely supporting.

In market the name is goes on trended. It is a joint venture Government sponsor company. Kolmar manufacturer company global clients are Amway, Johnson’s body care, L’OREAL paris, Sephora, Sasa, Chanel fashion company, 4Life, Oriflame, Ponds, Coty and there are many more who purchase Atomy products at long period of time.

There are many business research centre and Atomy works on 7-8 sectors such as Cosmetics, Skin Care, Herbal products, Nutritional supplements, Pharmacy, Education centre and many more. There are more than 20% of total Employees and researchers.

KAERI (Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute)

KAERI founded 1959 It is the government’s research center in Korea. It has a total of 1431 employees, 2 Executives, 1197 Researcher/ engineer, Technician 126, and Administrative staff 106. There are more than 1300 PHD & 4000+ members of research.

In 2018 total business plan budget is 534.5 billion, KAERI headquarter at South Korea in daejon.

KAERI rank number 2 in the world research centre after American NASA. When the NASA research goes to space where they have space food is designed by KAERI itself. The main Technologies are Radiation and Biotechnology.

KOLMAR (Cosmetic Manufacture unit of South Korea Government)

Kolmar has been found since 1921. The Kolmar Co. Ltd is a OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design manufacturer) company that manufactures cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and health supplements.

Kolmar is the global No.1 total service provider in beauty and healthcare. For 24 years this company works on other factors Kolmar itself works on research and development centre. Kolmar main focuses on Research and Manufacturer but this company cannot put their name on products and sell in markets.

It focuses on own products where research and manufacturer and sell the products to other companies. And those companies put their label on product and sells in markets. The main success of this product reason is Quality product and Affordable price.

ATOMY developing stage

From Day 1 Atomy vision is too big he wants to reach at success and globally famous at Worldwide. Therefore, he researches pros and cons of MLM companies, due lack of research in 3 years. Atomy was founded in 2009 in south Korea By CEO Mr Han Gill Park, starting out with just one product Hemo Him. Atomy mall now carries over 400 products in various categories including nutritional supplements, beauty, fashion, and home decor.

And they are constantly presented with new products. Hemo Him is a health functional supplement is one of the top No.1 products in Korean Network marketing in the last 5 years.

From starting in 2009 ATOMY profits 64% at current year. Atomy business is basically run on GSGS strategy Global Sourcing Global Sales. Global sourcing means whenever the company goes to another country it’s also available the best products to the different part of the cities.

Starting from 400 products is more focuses on to make 1 lakh different products in his lists. Company product likes clothing, cosmetics, accessories, personal care, food, beverages, home décor, kitchen and wellness care are deal with this product.

In 2010 Atomy launch USA because USA is only the country who started MLM. They plan when we survive at USA, we are globally famous in Worldwide. From starting they are facing many problems, but the quality of product is good and high in demand they are getting great success.

By Great success in USA, In 2011 they plan to launch at Japan and today 2021 from great achieve and it is the one most popular MLM company In Japan. From 2011 Atomy focusing on other country and started their business such as Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Oceania, and Russia are globally expanded their business.

In 2017 Atomy Skin care product reach at 100 Million US dollar and Globally in 2018 another 1.25 Billion US dollar. At the same year 5 million members are register.

Great success of ATOMY

Atomy business grows rapidly starting from US$21 million in sales to over US$1.3 billion in a span of less than 10 years. The membership of atomy grows and it’s start with just over a dozen members and now has over 9 million members worldwide. Atomy business global expansion has reached 15 countries already with plans to open in other countries such as India, UK, Vietnam and Brazil in the near future.

It is a trust and shopping brand, but it is also a distribution centre as well as an online shopping mall. Trust in need by providing atomy price as a brand that is the absolute quality at absolute price. These are everyday products that everyone needs to use in household items like toothpaste, laundry detergent, soap and shampoo.

Atomy offers the lowest price to the highest possible quantity and quality calibres guarantee their products. Atomy many products can be compare to the universal standards of luxury brands. The product quality is evident that it is the top health functional food brand in South Korea. Hemo Him is the bestselling health supplement with over US$900 million in sales since 2012. Atomy business is one of the top cosmetics brands in South Korea.

Winning multiple awards for many of its skincare products. The absolute skincare has sold over US$254 million within 3years of its launch, and the bestselling skincare 6 system. Which has recently been upgrade to fame has sold more than a 55million units in 10 years. Atomy business is guarantee which is why it is first in a market with such high standards and have a great success in worldwide.

President of company

Mr. Han Gill Park is a founder and CEO of the company. He is a vice president of Korea direct sales Association and Korean society of food sciences and nutrition. He gets an awards Boards of Director at Korean special sales financial cooperatives association and Distribution innovation grand prize.

In FORTUNE 500 magazine Han Gill Park name is there, it is this magazine where ALI Baba, Donald Trump honour interview takes places and many other multi billionaire comes for interview and written their biography in that magazine.

Han Gill Park is an 4th richest person in South Korea where he run the Atomy business at high stage and try to become Atomy name known in the worldwide.

What is Atomy online business

The most generic and freedom compensation plan in the direct selling industry. There is nothing to lose in Atomy business and much to gain. Atomy team-based commission system provides a business opportunity for those who do not have the ability to invest capital to start your own business.

In other words, you will not need to go to the bank to make small business loans to open stores. All they must do to take advantage of these benefits is switch the store they use to shop for their daily necessities and invite others to do the same. To get start you will create consumer groups. Since your member ID is global, you can add people from different countries around the world to your consumer group. Consumer groups are known as right and left groups.

As soon as you become a member of the consumer group, they will also add members in turn. This can be dozens, hundreds, even thousands of members in your groups of users at an unlimited number of levels. All generating what is called point value or PV for short. Point is value or PV generated when you or buy your member stuff Atomy mall.

There are two types of PV, Personal PV, and Group PV, Personal PV is what you do when you buy items from Atomy Mall. This PV will never reset, it always likes the odometer on your car. The second type is Group PV. One is the left group and the right group. This PV will accumulate and roll over day by day without paying commission, in which case it will return to zero.

As an example of PV, we have refined tea Atomy 40 box. It itself is worth 14,000 PV. The price of every item in the Atomy Mall is PV. Individual PV and both left and group PV are used to calculate commission pay-outs.

This reference to the minimum values may be necessary to get some level of commission pay-outs. When you have a large group of customers commission pay-outs grow when the growth rates of the collected PV. This is because your members will rearrange the items as needed as it will be easier to get PV.

Your accumulated PV is approaching a certain milestone it will of course be master ship known. A unique aspect of this system is that the company will earn a bonus of your death. Your membership atomy which can be inherited from your child it’s a three-generation period.

It uses the combined general commission and bonus level, which shows the master ship and monthly compensation, which gives an idea of how much you will earn monthly. You will also receive a special incentive bonus as you reach new master ship levels. It shows what those bonuses are for each master ship level.

Atomy company bestselling Products

1. Atomy Toothpaste

Atomy toothpaste comes in 2 sets The first version has 5 tubes of 200 grams each and the second version has 4 tubes of 5o grams. Atomic toothpaste is made from propolis. The atomy mall toothpaste contains propolis that bees use to protect their bees. This substance helps make our toothpaste a bacterial growth inhibitor and antifungal that can prevent plaque, cavities and also as an antibiotic.

Propolis is a dark brown liquid collecting from bee stings. Is an natural antibiotic that inhibits the growth of bacteria and has anti-inflammatory effects to prevent the spread of various bacteria and viruses.

It removes dental plaque, contains tartar deposits, prevents the result from cavities, removes. Dental plaque is often known as plaque and the bacteria attach to the surface of the tooth. And the molecules can form a layer of dental plaque that refers to a layer that forms clots using the right amount of silicon dioxide available in toothpaste.

So, if you have scratches or burns on your body, you just take a little on your finger and apply it on the infected area and it literally heals.

Atomy Toothpaste

2. Atomy Skincare system The Fame

The Fame set contains 5 products Fame Toner 150 ml, Fame Lotion 135 ml, Fame Essence 50 ml, Fame Nutrition Cream 50 ml, and Fame Eye Cream, 40 ml.

The Atomy Fame Set is a new legend that goes beyond the performance of the last 10 years and lasts 100 years. Fame set ingredients include apple water, hautunia cordate, basil, bifida fermentation lysate and small herbs.

Steps to use the Fame

  1. Toner: – Moisturize/Calm (Without stimulation calm care)
  2. Eye cream: – Total wrinkle care (sensitive eyes, soft care)
  3. Essence: – Nutrition care inside skin (by M/F method concentrated nutrition care)
  4. Lotion: – Water balance (Sleekly wrapping skin balance care)
  5. Nutrition Cream: – Moisture/Elastic (Excellent close to skin with finishing care)
The Fame Toner
  • Immediate moisturizing care.
  • Keep moisture into dry skin by skin moisturizing system.
  • 3 types of moisturizing ingredients applied without stimulation

If we talk about Fame Toner, it prevents the process of hydration in the skin without causing any irritation to the skin.

The Fame Eye cream
  • Complete Eyes care and facial wrinkles.
  • HST liquid crystal technology, like skin phospholipids, quickly absorb highly concentrated nutrients into the skin.
  •  It forms a second skin film and it flows from fine lines to deep wrinkles.
The Fame Essence
  • Delivers nutrients deep into the skin.
  • By M/F method, high concentrated nutrition care.
  • The micro delivery system delivers more efficacious benefits to the skin, deeper and faster.
The Fame Lotion
  • Oil/Moisture balance skin care.
  • Nutrients burst upon application through the SRM system and adhere soft and smooth against the skin.
  • Recharges skin with hydration and oil complex for concentrated moisture.
The Fame Nutrition Cream
  • The last step is to take care of the firmness and prevent moisture loss.
  • The natural skin fit system tightens the moisture of skin.
  • Highly concentrated ingredients that supplies energy to the skin form a dense membrane, making it a resilient skin.
Atomy Skin Care System The Fame

3. Atomy Hemo Him

The atomy mall first product came out called Hemo Snow. Hemo snow works most effectively when first in the morning on an empty stomach and then after a meal around 2 p.m. Or around 5 or 6 p.m.

As a result of years of clinical research conducted by Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute researchers and PHDs at the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute, Hemo Him is basically something they want to protect them from radiation. So it was originally designed for people who were exposed to radiation and were working on or near nuclear plants.

Hemo Him stands for hemo globin which means blood, the H and Him stands for haematopoiesis which is the generation of blood is for immune for your immune system and M is modulate or to regulate so this is the regulation and generation of new white and red blood cells.

Hemo Him gills and protects it is not a medicine, but it is a functional health supplement superfood designed to boost your immune system, anything that works on stem cell regeneration or improving and boosting the immune system.

It can also help balance your hormones which can help give you energy and complete rejuvenation. Hemo ice is not a cure-all it helps you catapult in the right direction it is a vegetarian product, so you don’t have to worry about gelatin capsules or anything like that and it is readily available for the body which means instant absorption.

Hemo Him is great for everyone those who are just looking for a little more energy people who are anaemic if you have seasonal allergies basics aches or pain and even autoimmune disease such as Graves diseases issues with your thyroid lupus and even cancer. This is not a medicine but a functional health supplement but it helps boost your immune system which heals and protects your body.

Atomy Hemo Him

4. Atomy Toothbrush

The toothbrush is basically a self-cleaning toothbrush. The reason is because the bristles are extremely thin and soft, and they are dusted with 99% gold ions.

This toothbrush helps keep bacteria and fungicides at bay so basically you can keep this toothbrush out by your counter or your sink and it will not cause any mold or bacteria or fungus to grow.

The handle is made of virgin plastic toothbrush has an attractive design that is easy to use and is great for all ages. In addition to being of such excellent quality the price is unbeatable the toothbrushes come in eight in one pack.

Atomy Toothbrush

How to buy atomy products?

Atomy is a Korean company the business is spreading globally work as a network marketing in all over the world. It has huge number of members because it has free registration. People are spread through the world and generate their passive income and the members of the group is also convinced to join Atomy business.

Because this company is fully trust by Korean government the joint venture of atomy is Kaeri and Kolmar both company manufacture their product and supply to other company name is Atomy.

If you want to buy Atomy product or generate passive income Atomy business will be help you. When you became a Atomy members you can easily buy the product. Atomy business is a pyramid system work as a right side and left side. If you adding same members for each right and left side you income also generated.

The income is occupying on Point value, Pv means when you and your downline members buy products this P.V is calculate and your income is built on their P.V. So, it is good to maintain a strong relation with their members and company also.

There are many websites which they sell atomy product at higher cost but it is one or two products no more that. Atomy officially has its own website and app where you can place your order. If you want to buy all this product at reasonable rate you can easily register the registration is free and you can also be able to generate passive income.

In atomy official website you get all the products when you order the product your P.V point also increasing. Through this P.V you can generate income this is the most amazing thing of this company where buy your product and get easily return also.

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