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Difference between Traditional and Modern Fashion

About fashion

Fashion is an art, it is an expression, it is wearable art. Just as personal style is define by how we present ourselves. Fashion is define by how popular people present themselves in the present day.

Fashion is a 1.2 trillion industry and beauty is another 95 billion which includes makeup, skincare, perfume, and hair care. The fashion world is always evolving but in the last few years, the way we look at style has changed a lot. Industries like vogue magazine and New york week on their answer and what is going to they get replaced with.

As long as people cover themselves in clothes, there are people who are willing to cash in on their desires to look their best. Trend can be a way to express ourselves through our clothes and accessories. The best way to enjoy trend is to wear what you like and be yourself.

Why fashion is important

Fashion is a way to express our personality not only to the world but to ourselves. When the term style comes up, style and personal style are two different things.

Just as personality style is a set of qualities, your likes and dislikes define your taste. Style is determine by how you choose not only the dress. But also how you spend your time, your body language, attitude, how you conduct yourself. Basically, how you live your life.

Where a personal style is often related to one’s choices. Style is often confuse with fashion. But truth has nothing to do with the latest trend.

It is all about what to wear and how the style never goes out of. Our personal style defines how we present ourselves. Not just with clothes but with accessories, hair, personal grooming, perfumes and even whatever we keep in our bags.

It is a part of identity and that is why it is for everyone, whatever their age or gender. This is something that we carry with us even when there is no one around. Helps us feel like ourselves, feel comfortable.

Traditional Fashion

It represents the culture and identity that is express through dress. Such as regional, national, and traditional costumes. Wearing traditional clothes is not pretence, it is the value of cultural traditions.

India is a country of different festivals and cultures, each with its own unique style. Fashion and culture is an important part of society because it brings different people together and allows them to precise their personality.

Traditional fashion comes from the last decades when there is no fashion industry developed that you like to wear. It comes as the isolation of people migrated and gave its name to religion and cultural life. From there, the tradition of fashion starts with their unique style.

Developed as a human in various practices of clothing materials to wear. Through this, the fashion industry evolved with a variety of clothing fashions, which we follow on the basics of culture and festivals.   

Modern Fashion

Every person being must do something new and novel what many others do. There lies the origin of trend. Fashion is limited in clothing, jewelry, hairstyles and speech styles. In the film, they show the hero and heroine in a specially designed new costume and the youth soon follow them.

The trend spread like wildfire because they are just boundaries telling not to use intelligence much. There is no reason for fashion. A particular style does not necessarily make us look more attractive, nor does it make us more comfortable. It is usually expensive and useless.

Yet this magic and appeal is so powerful that we sacrifice our form, comfort, and wealth. How much money have we spent to be at the forefront of the fashion world. But if we look like the bright side of it, trend brings change which results in us being more acceptable and respectful. That is why every young generation is influences by fashion.

Modern trend is essentially refer to as street style what to wearing on regular a day on the streets. It’s reflect trends is understood as modern fashion.

Fashion Accessories

Accessories and garments are equally important in your outfits. Both are working together to create a harmony that expresses your style who you are.

Accessories are an important part of your outfits that make you more attractive and stylish. They make your dress more interesting and express your unique style. Such as jewellery, rings, bags, handbags, hats, etc. reveal personality.

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