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2021 Women’s clothing styles in COVID 19

2021 fashion trends

I wanna talk about 2021 fashion trends that are wearable specifically, for women So that can be women in their forties, So women at any age. Not all trends are geared for more mature women.

Case in point the bra top No, that doesn’t work for most women who are it doesn’t work for most women in general, regardless of your age, but some women can pull that off. I wanna talk about those trends that I think are most exciting and also most practical, functional, wearable.

Trend full-blown inspired by COVID 19

1. Luxe Loungewear

It has always been a big proponent of looking and feeling great everywhere you are. 2021 fashion trend, Even if you’re hanging out at home. If you want to see if you’re dressed appropriately it could, I answer the door in this and feel comfortable. If that’s a yes, then you’re good. On condition that no, then you probably want to rethink some of that loungewear or your stay-at-home outfits.

Luxe loungewear is taking it to another level. So now we’re talking about loungewear, sweat pants in these luxurious fabrics like cashmere. Some of you don’t like cashmere, it’s too scratchy but it’s amazing. And I love it for the warmth too cause it is very cold where I live. A couple sets that I found recently that was super duper cute one is by.

Now Monroe I love the inseam length of their sweat pants. So if you’re petite like me. The inseam length of your sweat pants is a big deal in your loungewear.

Monroe, the length perfect for Petites. If you’re not petite, it’s just gonna be a little more cropped. You’re still probably gonna be okay. Cashmere set and Monroe are matching set but what you can do instead if you wanna create your version of luxe loungewear, like grab a cashmere sweater that you have like one of the Aqua ones that are 60% off.

That can be your loungewear sweater and then throw on a soft pair of comfy joggers or your Norma Kamali joggers. I always talk about my Norma Kamali joggers and there you have your very own like Luxe Loungewear set. So it doesn’t have to be that you’re buying this complete set.

Shop your closet, see what you have. Grab a cashmere sweater, grab a soft cozy pair of sweats. But the idea behind Luxe loungewear is to elevate, step up your loungewear game. Not only could you answer that door you also could run errands.

You also maybe could go to dinner in it. It’s chic, it’s sophisticated, it’s lovely. And I think it’s important to have at least one Luxe loungewear set because we are spending so much time at home right now and it just makes you feel better at home.

Luxe Loungewear

2. Sweater set

In 2021 fashion trend is a sexy sweater set do you guys remember the picture of Katie Holmes crossing the street in her like bra sweater top and cardigan sweater? Well, that picture went viral. It inspired me to try the modern-day sweater set.

When they first roll out and they’re in their infancy, there are only a few top designers that have them because usually the trends come from the top designers and trickle down.

There’s gonna be more options at a variety of price points and hopefully, they’re not all brought tops. Like I want a tank top that’s a sweater and then a cardigan was over that.

3. Hoodie

You kinda think of the hoodie is like very street punk, more casual, edgy. What we saw on the runways and what is also trickling down is more elevated hoodies. So wearing a hoodie under a blazer or a leather jacket, or pairing your hoodie, almost like a jacket with a pleated skirt n in 2021 fashion trend.

The scuba blazer by Veronica Beard. So I just wanna mention it because they have hoodie Dickies. So this is a great way to hop on this trend without adding bulk to your frame.

If you wanna like the hoodie under the jacket look, this is a way to do it. You’re not adding bulk. or not adding a lot of layers. It’s just that Dickie that zips in and zips out of the blazer. That’s an option good by the way if you are perimenopausal or menopausal and you have hot flashes it’s nice not to have that extra layer creating heat.


4. Knit dresses and skirts

We’re sticking with this like knitwear trend and talking about knit dresses and skirts. There are two knit dresses that I love. One is Camel fitted long sleeve sweater dress. and another one is a chocolate brown, long sleeve fitted sweater dress.

The problem with the fitted sweater dress is very unforgiving in the midsection. So then you’re talking about busting out spanks or trying to layer something over it, to cover the tummy. So it might not be the best option for everybody but maybe try and knit skirt or some other knit item but knit skirts, dresses, super-duper on-trend and comfortable, soft, warm, functional, wearable.

In 2021 fashion trend you just have to find the knit dress option that’s right for your body. Maybe you don’t wanna go fully fitted knit dress. It has a little more give to it.

Knit dresses and skirts

5. Relaxed denim

I didn’t say baggy jeans I said relaxed denim ’cause we have a spectrum. So there is going to be something along the spectrum that you feel good about. Whether it’s like slightly oversized boyfriend jeans or a girlfriend jean, or a mom jean, or a crop jean, or a high rise jean or an embellished jean, a straight leg, a boot cut, a wide, a flare.

There are so many types of jeans but the idea behind the relaxed denim that it’s not skin tight. It is not showing every single lump and bumps and the wrinkles in the knees and the lump in the back behind your butt.

It does not showing the saddlebag. It’s a little more relaxed, it’s more casual. So this is lovely. It’s a nice contrast to that super, super tight skinny. Take advantage. If you have no clue what jean is what and it is a whole thing.

Relaxed denim

6. Leg pant or trouser

Leg pant or trouser look similar we talked about them for years, especially if you’re petite and you wear them with heels, you can create the look of mile-long legs even if you don’t have them. It is such an awesome 2021 fashion trend again for petite women.

But really for all women, very chic, very sophisticated, elongating, flattering, comfortable, wearable, for any age, ’cause that’s the whole point. We wanna hone in on those 2021 fashion trends that we can wear at any age. So this trend, I love so much and I feel like the pants like the jeans are also getting that more relaxed fit more of a slouchy fit.

Usually, when you wear more relaxed oversize pants or wide-leg pants, you contrast that with a more fitted top. We’ve talked about that in several videos called volume proportion. So that’s a good thing to just kind of keep in the back of your mind.

Leg pant or trouser

7. Leather puffers

Leather is still so hot, very on-trend. So like leather dresses, leather skirts, leather blazers, leather jumpsuits. I’ve seen leather rompers mean leather everything. By leather, I also mean faux leather there’s a lot of amazing, faux leather options now as well.

The leather puffer is kind of the moment winter trend almost taking over the moto jacket. This one has been around for a little bit. it has trickle down already see options that are like 100-ish on up to like 700, something like that.

There are a range for a leather puffer and I think a leather puffer, by nature, is going to be very warm. So if you live in a cooler climate this could be a cool option for outerwear this season. Let’s talk about color. First are the Pantone colors of 2021,09 which are illuminating. It’s a shade of yellow, a very bright shade Ultimate gray is the tone. Those two colors together, gray and yellow.

Illuminating is a bright yellow. You can see it here It’s a really pretty shade of yellow, but it’s very vibrant. You might be a little scared of this one, but maybe you do just like a touch of it. Like you do a top or you do a jacket. You do an accessory, a hairband, or something like that. Earth tones, still super hot.

Everything seventies inspired, like rust, mustard yellows, deep browns, browns beiges, all the neutrals still very on-trend. White, still white-hot Monochromatic looks still going strong, and then you’ve got bubblegum pink.

Leather puffers

8. Black and white combo

Any black and white combo, either with separates like a white top, black pants, or a print, like a checkerboard print. So like Dolce and Gabbana showed all these cool. like black and white checkerboard dresses.

There was this other fabulous 2021 fashion trend dress by Christopher John Roberts in a checkerboard print. I’m not sure we’re wearing checkerboard, but I totally can get on board with black and white.

It’s very sophisticated it is just a winning, classic, timeless combination. Other prints, super hot going into spring, florals, still majorly on-trend. And also stripes I feel like stripes have been around for four years now, but still going very strong.

Black and white combo

9. Belts.

If you noticed, but like every designer has come out with a logo belt. You’ve got the Valentino belt. You’ve got the Hermes belt, You’ve got the Gucci belt, which I don’t own. Everybody has a belt. The solid belt goes with a black-brown combo, that’s reversible with gold hardware.

That would be your go-to belt. What’s new with belts is that you can belt everything. And that belts are all shapes and sizes, prints and colors. So big wide belts, medium, skinny, everything. Just be careful with the width of the belt and the torso.

If you have a shorter torso or even if you’re petite with a proportionate torso, you’re not gonna have a lot of space between the end of your bust and your waist. So wearing those giant thick Obi belts probably isn’t gonna work for you.

If you’re not sure if you have a short torso, but you still got a lot of puffy shoulders, puffy sleeves, leather anything, like I mentioned, corset tops. Capes and cutouts, all of those still very much on 2021 fashion trend.

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