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How to become a Backpacker Traveller

When the word travel comes it significance the beauty of world. That you have loved to explore with destinations, amazing places and meeting new people. With creating recognizable memories that you have remembered it is known as travel. Travel makes you lots of think mostly about your life, future and experience a new one.

Which means travel changes the way of thinking and gives shape to your future. Travelling is stepping away from your life and experiencing many different things. Travelling more means learning more while travelling you realize that the world is different. You don’t realize where you are speak different languages, look different, you be a part of culture. And many more is travel defines you learning.

The word backpack it comes from past decades when people travelled thousands of years with their daily use possessions on their backpack. In 17th century Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri he is a first Italian tourism to engage in backpacker traveller is a form of low-cost travel.

A backpacker traveller is plan for long trips as well as short trips. They are staying in inexpensive lodgings, hostels, or homestays and carrying all necessary stuff in their backpack. It is a mainstream form of tourism generally backpacker traveller is part of youth travel by young people is same as solo travel. Backpacker traveller alone and experiences and faced new things with fun.

They gave importance to bag their motive is If I treat the bag well its treat me well. Because in the bag they have all the accessories which is used in regular basics, so they gave more importance to the bag. If you plan for backpacker traveller you can organize a trip by yourself and managing everything alone these give a sense of independence and freedom for Backpacker traveller.

Most important thing I learn you can’t always plan all the things in life especially when you are travelling. Backpacking is difficult to experiences the cultures and local life getting lost in new places or destination, meet new people, discovering different cultures, and having life changing travel experiences is a part of backpacking.   

Backpackers don’t necessarily have the money. But the good thing of backpacker traveller is always seen everything from the fun side. Even when times are bit shitty. I think the backpacker traveller make you see things in perspective it makes you appreciate small things.

13 Reasons why Backpacking is the best way to travel?

Backpacking is a life-changing travel experience. Getting lost in foreign cities, meeting new people, moving out of your comfort zone and discovering different cultures there is one part of the backpacking.

1. Choose the right time for flight booking

It is a good option when you book a flight in advance for a cheaper price is 1.5 to 3 months. When you book a ticket at last movement it will be burning a hole in your pocket. So it is better to book flight in advance.

You can also check out websites like or for cheaper rentals and use other fare comparison sites for cheaper prices. If you are flexible in your schedule, you can choose flights and cheap flights per month. You will find some great deals there.

2. Get some knowledge about your destinations where you are visiting

It is important to gain a basic knowledge of the history and culture of the place where you are planning to go backpacking. An important tip is to always be prepared for your backpacking trip. You can learn about every place you enjoy and are able to learn many more.

Knowing your destination can help you overcome obstacles with locals. learn few words of that place where you are visiting its helps to more involved in them. Check weather condition before you plan a trip and pack those type of cloth which are suited to weather don’t pack unwanted stuff.

Getting acquainted with the places and the history of those places gives you a chance to connect with the country even before you step there. Maintain a good bond to the people so whenever you travel in same country you don’t feel alone, and you love to visit it.

3. Buy Travel Insurances

Buying a travel insurance that’s covers yours travel expenses and losses. These looses can be significant such as medical, emergencies, last minute trip cancellation, damage, or stolen luggage. Travel insurances is a plan that you buy to saves you from some of the financial risks and losses you incur while traveling.

A great man once said, If you cannot afford travel insurance, you should not travel. Is an ideal way to make sure your trip is stress free. Most of the countries has started travel insurances a mandatory procedure even if you are going for a short trip travel you should always have a travel with insurance. Enjoy your backpacking adventure but please get insurance so make sure your backpacker insurance is in order before embarking on a backpacking adventure.

4. Travel the world and enjoy with work

A backpacker traveller is always independent and adventurous person who explore the world with his backpack and without a lot of money. Backpackers try to live the local life they mostly prefer hostels, stay homes and other low cost accommodations.

It’s not part of the job that makes the word related to others, it’s part of the journey. Mainly most of the backpacker traveller have been seen traveling to destinations to learn about cultures and people while working on the internet.

Due to this COVID pandemics most the traveller does same thing they plan for destinations choose hotels, hostels or stay homes to work and live their life freely. With the help of internet, you can enjoy the travel with work as freelancer do.


A freelancer is a self-employed, they are not committed to doing the basics long term for an employer. Backpacker can easily travel whole world just carrying their laptop and stay in specific place and do their work. They are working on clients, websites, editing, and more on.

They are freely independent, self-employed and love their work. Some freelancer also there, they are working where are going this things backpacker traveller are preferring. They do their work where they go and deal with local person to have stay in a house.

Working regularly and in weekends they are exploring places nowadays most of the backpacker traveller are do same things. Backpacker also work and stay where they live and maintain a strong relation to the local people.

With the help of internet this thing to be done and for the backpacker traveller they consume lot of money and more discovering the new places, do activities and many more.

For example, A tourists or traveller plan to visit a foreign country like Maldives enjoying the island he/she distributed their time for exploring island and same time for fun also. Due to internet access and laptop he/she can easily do their work with enjoying and exploring the country.

5. Set a size of budget 

A lot of backpackers are travelling on a budget but not all. Every backpacker traveller things different some are only for exploring and some are discovering and making money also. These two are totally different one is exploring the places getting touch in nature, connecting peoples through cultural and gaining life experiences.

Most of backpackers set a budget to explore the destinations and places. Mainly backpacker don’t necessarily have the money, they have money, but they didn’t spent for staying in hotels and foods. They stay at cheap hostels, stay homes follow a kind of cultures.

They are directly getting touch with local peoples for less money. Transport on local vehicles which is exceptionally low as compared to the bus, cab, and taxi. Deal with local people we work for you in that you give me for stay and some foods.

Backpacker adopt their cultures and languages maintain a good bond, speak different language and look and get involved in them as backpacker do. For an example a backpacker plan to visit in a tribal community region, they act same as tribal, learn new words, involving in cultures and living with them.

On the other side they are discovering places and making money also. While in a week they are working on regular basics and the rest of the 2 day they are discovering places adapt the cultures, peoples and getting touch in them.

Mainly these types of backpackers are stay for 6 months or 1 year. They are extremely passionate with their work same as the freelancer do and enjoy their life. Travelling more means learning more these gives you life experiences. How we can enjoy our life with work.

6. It’s cheaper

Backpacking is cheaper as compared to other travel. It’s done to be on behalf we travel by freedom in our way and exploring the travel routes.

7. Learn to live with less and appreciate more

Backpacking means you have enough space in your bag for the essentials. So, learn what you can do without really. The things that are important to you are with you every time, so worry less. And when you get home, you have a new appreciation for everything you have.

But when you go back to your daily routine you start realizing you see things in a different perspective. The feeling you have when you return home is strange mixture between sadness and happiness.

8. Limited shopping

Your backpack is full to the brim, which means you can’t spend money on things you don’t need. You may want souvenirs from your trip.

But it can be anything from photographs to maps of the cities you visit and handwritten journals of your daily experiences.

9. No time limit

Want to spend the night in your beloved city as much as possible? Why not? It’s not like you’re worried about hotel reservations … or without looking at the world for this. When you backpack, you can go wherever you want.

10. Make new friends

When Backpackers together no matter what country you are in. You are guaranteed to meet backpackers around the world with the same feeling as you.

Backpackers always experiences something different. In the end its all about the change of attitudes that travelling that brings you.

11. Learn to live like locals

As you participate in the daily activities of the locals, such as buying food, you learn more about the customs of that country than the average tourist.

Backpacking is a unique way to introduce different people in the whole world. You don’t realize it while traveling, you speak a different language, look different and how much you’re learning is about backpacker experiences.

12. Learn to do your best in every situation

You are just going with the flow don’t know where you live or how long. You learn to get the most out of every moment. Travels makes you lots of think mainly about your life, about your future, and experience a new one.

For someone backpackers are looking for things that backpackers experience and the responsibility to think about life is to run away from culture or reality.

Backpackers is always experiencing something different in the end its about the change of attitude that travelling brings you. They are appreciated to doing small things.

13. The stories

Backpacking is an adventure itself. No matter what wherever you go you will have some amazing stories.  Backpacker story are more than vacation.  Holiday is very limited you can have a vacation or either you could have story is backpacker kind off.

How to plan a backpacking trip?

1. Choose an nearest destination

If you are beginner and planning for trip. Choose easy destinations because backpacker is a sole traveller, he/she is only packing the bag and travel, chill for years, months or weekends and stay wherever feel comfortable most of backpackers choose cheap hostels, and home stays.

It is a form of low-cost travel most of known as budget travel. Backpackers don’t necessarily have money but the cool thing about backpackers is always looking at everything from the fun side. They get an opportunity to involve and part of a culture wherever they go.

Choose nearest locations for experiences how backpacker it is. I learned from backpackers is that borders are just bureaucratic that we draw on maps. While travelling you didn’t realize how you evolved in society and be a part of those places or destinations. Backpackers always have a memorable experience that we ever do while go for group or family trip.

2. What gear to bring for Backpacking

While packing your bag always remembered your gear must be light weight and compact. Because your bag is already loaded with your regular stuff. And needed stuff like tents, sleeping bag, stoves, pots, kitchen supplies, and medicine this essentials items you always needed for any backpacking trip.


Tent is a temporary shelter that protect from bugs and insects. It is highly recommend essentials for backpacking travel. For example, a situation takes places you don’t have shelter to live. So tent is the best temporary shelter a light weight equipment with less place easily kept in bag while travelling.

Most of backpackers to live in hostels and hometowns because they did not want to be spent huge amount on expensive hotels. Staying in hostels and hometowns have a great experience to involve in local people and maintain a good relation. But every backpacker needs to carry tent for their safety.


It is the main thing all backpackers must carry small type of essentials camp stove. Because when we travel at unknown place and it’s a part of adventures like tent camping, hiking or stay in village side area and we don’t have the cooking essentials so it’s not for adventurous travel.

If you have a single-burner camp stove weighing less than a pound, this is probably fine for your first backpacking trip. If you choose to buy, you have to first consider the type of fuel and then choose your stove.

Many beginners go with gas-canister stoves because they are affordable and easy to use. And keep a full can or bottle of the right type of fuel for your stove.

Kitchen supplies

Save money by using camping gear or other items from your local savings group or home kitchen. Just bring enough pots, plates, pans and cup so you can cook and eat your planned meal. Bring small sponge and soap to wash the dishes and brings a small towel that comes in handy.

3. What clothes to bring backpacking

No need to carry variety of clothes like special hiking clothes for your first backpacking trip. Just go for your fitness outfit and look for quick-drying fabrics like moisture-wicking, Nylon and Polyester. Avoid cotton, which soaks in water and takes a long time to dry  this can cause you to catch a cold and, in worse cases of hypothermia.

Your backpacking clothes should be group into layers

Hiking layers: – Nylon pant that may be easily roll up or zip off and kind of t shirts, sun shirts and sun hat.

Insulation: – Bullet vest or jacket, light wool pullover, warm hat, and gloves.

Rainwear: – Bring a waterproof breathable jacket You will also bring rain pants that depend on the weather conditions. Rainwear is also good for preventing mosquito bites.

The beauty of layering is that it allows you to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. This allows you to protect clothing against cold and rainy weather storms.

4. Basic Backpacking checklist

We have talked about the key points above, but you don’t have to carry on. There is no convenient store nearby, so you need a way to ensure that all the necessary gear to your pack.

Basics stuff for an easy backpacking trip

Primary gear: – Backpack and rain cover, tent, Sleeping bag and stuff sack.

Food and water: – Meal and snacks, stove and fuel bottle, lighter, dishes, bowls, cups, biodegradable soaps, small towels, and water bottle.

Clothing accessories: – hiking boots or shoes, socks, shorts, rain jacket and pants, gloves, zipper.

Navigation and Emergency gear: – Topographic map, compass, route description guidebook, cell phone, fire starter (for e emergency survival), headlamp or flashlight, first aid kit.

Other essentials: – Hand sanitizer, toilet papers, menstrual product, sunscreen, keys, licence, credit card, and cash.

Take your checklist when you get home from your trip. Make notes about what works well and what doesn’t work well when you unpack. After a few trips you will have a customized checklist.

5. Getting ready for backpacking trip

Physically ready: – Set yourself up for success by taking steps to make sure you are ready. Increase the minimum daily hikes and handle the landmarks with the same distance and elevation tools as your planned trip.

Take at least a few pre-trip hikes wearing a backpack with 30-plus pounds. Even if you don’t need any of these all-inclusive for your first trip, you can read our article on backpacking training tips and exercises for workout ideas.

Mentally ready: – To familiarize yourself with your gear before time. Set up your tent, light your stove and filter a little water before leaving.

Figure out logistics: – To get to and from Trailhead, you need to make sure you have all the necessary permissions. Popular destinations, especially their need.

Use a local land management agency to find out what is needed. Land managers are also a great resource for up-to-date foundation conditions, fire prevention and other valuable intel.

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