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How to Start a Fashion Blogging Tips for Beginners

Before we get into the actual steps of starting a fashion blogging tips for beginners. We wanted to give a little bit of a disclaimer. “Fashion blogging tips is hard work for beginners”. There are a lot of people out there that just think. They can throw a couple of posts on the internet and make a ton of money overnight or become famous. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t work that way, and if it did, we pretty sure everyone would.

fashion Blogging tips for beginners takes a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication. It is absolutely a job if that is what you want to make. Of it, if you wanted to become full-time, part-time or make aside money in general. You’ll have to put in whatever you want to get from your blog. There is not one blogger on Instagram or Tumblr or YouTube.

That just put a bunch of content out there and just waited. They’re constantly working hard to create content for their readers. That they know will be valuable to them and you’re going to want to do the same thing.

That being said we know you guys can do it don’t let me discourage you not at all, this is just a little bit of a disclaimer. For those of you who just think this is going to happen overnight because it doesn’t.

Blogging as cliche as it sounds is a mare on and out of the sprint. So keep that in mind when you’re starting your blog and let’s get into the first steps in starting your fashion blog

Choose a topic for your blog 

Now, this might seem super simple and easy, but I’m telling you it is not it’s hard. Because a lot of us think well, we can just become beauty or fashion blogging tips for beginners. But those are really broad topics. Fashion, beauty style, and travel all day every day and the likelihood of your blog.

Coming up in the search engines just with such a broad topic. Is slim to none when you’re first starting. You need to create a specialty or niche within the larger topic of fashion or beauty. Example one blog is called fashion styling I’ve been a fashion stylist. For a long time so my readers and my clients come to my blog for outfit advice fashion advice.

To see what I’m wearing when I travel and when I’m out and about and also what beauty products that I’m loving of course.  Yours can be different, perhaps you specialize in petite fashion maybe you’re a petite guy or gal and people are asking you all the time. Were you on your clothes well, there is your topic right there maybe you want to be a beauty blogger.

That specializes in natural remedies for acne, maybe you are great at traveling and you want to do a blog all about how to travel in style those are just some examples of different blog topics.

That you can choose you want to choose one that you are completely passionate about and that you just love talking about whether. That’s other people are writing about it make sure that your topic is something that you love and could talk about again and again. I guarantee you will come back again and again because you’re an expert in that specific area.

Choose a for your Blog name

the topic you’re going to need to choose your name this also might sound more simple than. It is because so many people just choose the most random names and it just doesn’t work for instance. I see a lot of blogs out there called fashion beauty styling or other styling expert by or all of this kind of strange obscure names and they just get lost in the full of all the other blogs out there so.

you want your blog name to be three different things 

1st you want it to be easy to spell

2nd you want it to be memorable and 

3rd you want it to be something that correlates even just a little bit with what your blog topic is

Choose a platform for your blog now 

You have your topic and you have your name for a blog you’re going to need to choose a place to host your site blogger or WordPress. It’s called blogger now actually we know a lot of people still use that and that is a great starting platform. If you’re not super tech-savvy and you just want something easy. Just a great way to start your blog right away might be a good option for Beginners.

But we suggest using WordPress it gives me so much freedom. When I’m blogging it also has some great tools for analytics and just gives me a little bit more freedom to customize it. Now if you are super tech-savvy this might not be the best option for you starting. It’s not that is super difficult but it’s not like a drag-and-drop template like something like blogger 

It’s not just like the easiest drop and drag tool but is in my opinion. The best platform that I tried other two options would be and those are other great options and they just started doing having blogs as a part of their service. So that might be something that might work for you. I would play around with some different platforms and see how far that you get and see which one you like the best and which one makes sense you.

Will have to make it a small initial investment. whether it’s in blog design if you hire someone to do your blog. Then to teach you how to run it or just to have the site be hosted in a certain platform. So for instance we know for their premiums like 11 or 12 dollars a month Squarespace we not exactly sure on the cost WordPress is completely free.

We just pay for the hosting through and we believe that in total is about $19.99 a month. Just make sure that you know that there’s going to be a little bit of initial investment. But play with different platforms and see which one works best for you.

which is to choose your blog design 

So you have everything in place to start your blog. That you need to choose a design and overall aesthetic for your blog. A newbie mistake that we see a lot of people making is to make your site. way too complicated like we see all of these sites where there’s a million different fonts and colors and pictures and graphics going on.

It is only hard on the eyes you want to make sure your blog is easy to read. You know what your subject is. Do you know what is really typical? Are you blogging about it and it is easy for people to navigate the other thing. You should make sure that your website has forgiven me that your blog is mobile-friendly.

There is nothing more annoying than being on your phone and clicking on your Instagram bio link. Visiting a blog that is not mobile friendly and you cannot read it because you like what is happening on everyone’s phone now. You are viewing from your iPhone or your Android or their iPad so that you can ensure that your site blog is mobile-friendly.

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