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Manya Singh Biography

The Beauty Queen an autorickshaw driver’s daughter Manya Singh from Uttar Pradesh came runner up at VLCC Femina Miss India on Tuesday.

Her story is inspiring and acquiring to chase our dreams. Manya says If you see dreams and you want to get really success in that. You must have will power to chase the dream and getting success.

There is no enemy or no problems will defeat you. Her inspirational story has already won the many hearts.


Manya was born on middle class family in Uttar Pradesh town Kushinagar. Due to financial problem manya was not stable to achieve her dream. The family struggle is hard to fulfil her dream to become a Miss India.

Her Father was an Autorickshaw Driver and Mother works as Beauty parlour to run the family. From Std 4 to 10 Manya parents do not afford her exam fees.

But in class 10 she scored 80% and she rewarded the best student award in class 12. When Manya was disappointed by the limited opportunities in village.  

Education Journey

At the age of 14 she ran away from village and come to Mumbai to pursue her dreams. She faces a lot of problems to survive and fulfill the basics need such as food, clothes, and shelter. She managed two jobs Pizza hut and Call centre.

Working at Pizza Hut in Mumbai from Std 11th worked as a utensil cleaner and Worked Call centre from First year to Third year graduation from there her journey was begin. But she didn’t speak properly while working at call centre she upgraded her language learning new things.

From her combine salary takes admission at Thakur College of Science and Commerce from there she continued studies. She also prepared for the UPSC exams even when she was in her third year of college.

Manya said no work is good or bad is matter you how passionate you are. She was able to save the fare of the Rickshaw, so she arrived for several hours to reach.

Career Growth

She has interest in modelling by which she starts modelling skills and given audition for a beauty pageant. In campus princess she was unsuccessful many times to clear first round in more than 10 auditions.

But she didn’t give she applied for famous fashion shows Times Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week and she walked the ramp at this fashion show. She promoted beauty product through her Instagram page to collaborate with Sephora and Staunch India.

She had the opportunity to specialize in commercials as a model and she worked for Jewelers Ahilya Fine Silver Jewels. Due to her financial situation she could not take grooming classes. She used to observe female models and learn catwalks through YouTube videos.

Later she gets a chance to represent Uttar Pradesh in the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 pageant and she was runner up. was crowned Manya. In 2020 she was considered the Miss India Uttar Pradesh pageant.

The success of Manya Singh is as big as the struggle in his life. Because despite being a girl from a poor family Manya dreams were not small her dreams were big.

The story of manya is not easy as he faced many difficulties in his life also struggling a lot and facing very up-and-down stages in his life and today she is at this stage to feel everyone proud.


Manya is proud of where she came from but there are a lot of hardships and tears. One thing she needs to do is give her parents a better life and better home. In interview she explains some years ago we had an own house but due to some reason house it to be sold.

From that times we rented homes and we live. While practising in a house the owner in our current house would always says don’t do practise at home I am disturb if you want to practise go the garden area.

In some case father also stop me for doing physical activities (Yoga and exercise) because we have limited space. When the reporters come at Manya house day after day to take interview the owner of the house has faced problem. Manya stated Our home is our own it is not easy to buy a house in Mumbai but I am ready to work hard from the beginning and I will.

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