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What Things To Do in Kinnaur, Kalpa, Sangla, Chitkul

Kinnaur is the most beautiful place in india at himachal there are lakhs of people visit in kinnaur, kinnaur it is namely known as last village in India, So we had Crossed Kinnaur on our way to Spiti, Kinnaur is my favorite place in the entire Himachal region where I have been to so many times.

This place is a very special First voter of independent India was from Kinnaur.

India’s major Apple export is from Kinnaur

India’s last village is in Kinnaur – our very own Chitkul

In this, we will talk about how you can explore this region in limited time and with limited money. Because we don’t like wasting either our time or money. This is Kinnaur and Reckong Peo is Kinnaur’s entry point while coming from Delhi.

Reckong Peo

Day 1

The journey from Delhi to Peo is not as easy as it takes 18 hours to reach Kinnaur. But the journey is really worth it You will find only local buses here and not Volvo which means you will have to carry a quilt or blanket As it gets very cold at night and you won’t be able to sleep But as these are ordinary buses they are very cheap. So we have finally reached Reckong Peo.

Reckong Peo bus stand is the main bus stand of Kinnaur So whenever you are coming to Kinnar you will come to Reckong Peo for sure That is Kinner Kailash behind me. People have gone there trekking and they pray to Kinner Kailash. After reaching there you can stay at Peo which is Kinnaur’s main market. Or are you can head to Kalpa which is very beautiful.

I will recommend you to stay at Kalpa Deshang If you want to enjoy a bit of luxury With nice cozy rooms, hot water, good food. There are lots of homestays are available.


Day 2

Will it be your Kalpa exploration day Kalpa has many things to see in monasteries, temples and many other things. You can walk through apple orchids. And reach suicide point which is a very famous spot in Kinnaur Near Roghi village This is the suicide point.


Day 3

Gear up today on as you are going to travel new place in Kinnaur which is Sangla. There are two buses which leave from Reckong Peo in the morning.

One at 9:30 am and then the other at 12:00 pm.You can get off at Sangla. We have stopped at Batseri which is between Sangla and Chitkuli. Homestays are also available here.

There are many places to see in Sangla such as Kamru Fort, Bering Nag Temple, Bralengi Gompa which is within walking distance. In Sangla you will not only experience the Kinnauri culture but the best thing is that you will get to see amazing hill views.

Last Village Of India Chitkul.

Day 4

Is up to your discretion of how much time you have Let’s say if you have only 4 days. Then you can reach Chitkul and leave for Peo the same day. But if you have more time can stay at Chitkul for a day and leave for the next day for Peo Let’s assume you just have one day left Then in the morning take a bus from Sangla to Chitkul.

Chitkul is a very small village in Kinnaur which is also known as the last village of India. It is very close to the Tibetan border and there is no network here. However, it’s a pretty lovely place So make sure you do not litter. Do not throw plastic. Let’s keep it clean

The last bus for Peo leaves from Chitkul at 3:30 pm So this was about places you can see at the main Kinnaur. Reckong Peo, Kalpa, Roghi village, Chitkul, Sangla

That I have been here so many times. I was lucky enough to explore really special things about Kinnaur, For example, Sangla’s Holi It’s a three-day festival And I haven’t seen the Holi which is as colorful vibrant unique, and culturally rich as this one. The snow-clad mountains surrounding the colors make this festival very unique.

Independent India’s first voter

In Kalpa, we met independent India’s first voter. Whose name is Shyam Saran Negi There were 3 schools in Kinnaur? That also the only primary We defeated the British and got our freedom We voted happily. After we received freedom voting was done in 1952. But here it happened in 1951

Why did it happen?

It happened 6 months before But why did it happen 6 months before As it snows here a lot, voting was not possible during that time. That’s why voting occurred here 6 months before, in October 1951 voted 6 months and 6 hours before others.

Festival from Kinnaur

We was very lucky to have explored Kinnaur with a local family for over a month

As a result, they showed me the places which are not even available and have no sign on Google Maps

We did a small trek near Telangi village, enjoyed few adventures Saw organic farming, And witness a very special festival known as Flag Mela

A very vibrant festival Which is celebrated with full energy and colors.

Best Tips

If you plan smartly you can cover Kinnaur In 4 to 5 days for INR 5000 to 6000

Homestays are very cheap, Buses are very cheap, Food is very cheap
Only BSNL and Airtel works here. In Chitkul even BSNL doesn’t work.
You will find ATMs and Petrol pumps in Reckong Peo and Sangla.

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