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27 Best Places To Visit in Goa

Introduction Goa

Land Cover Area

1.5 million people live in Goa, which is the smallest state by 3700 square meters area. 

Goa by coastline stretching along the Arabian sea. The state into two parts North And South Goa. It has the highest GDP per capita among all Indian states. There are Beaches, Temples, Clubs, Bars, and a lot of diverse wildlife.

How to Reach

Goa is owing to its geographical location; you can easily reach Goa by Air, Rail, or Road. The nearest airport is Dabolim, the three most famous railway stations are Thivim, Madgaon, and Vasco Da Gama, serve a significant entry and exit points for travelers.

If you travel by road, you can take a bus ride or hire a cab from nearby towns and cities.

Travel recommended your vehicle or rent a bike, scooter, or hire a taxi remains the most exciting and budget-friendly way to explore the best of Goa.

History of Goa

Portuguese Colony

For more than four centuries, Goa by the Portuguese. They landed here in the 16th century as merchants and conquered it soon after 1510 to 1961. Goa was a Portuguese colony part of India’s Portuguese State of India after India gained independence from the British in 1947.

India requested that Portuguese territories on the Indian subcontinent to them. But Portugal refused to negotiate on the sovereignty of its Indian enclaves. On December 17, 1961, the Indian army invaded Goa and annexed it when they received Goa’s news.

Republic Of Goa

The Portuguese government formally offered all diplomatic links with India and refused to include confiscated territories. They were offering Portuguese citizenship to the Republic of India.

Was instead made to all go on natives who wish to emigrate to Portugal and not remain under Indian rule.

This is till an effect for everyone who was born before 1961 relations. In 1961 goa was finally recognized as a part of India.

Language and Culture

Explore the famous tourist places and sightseeing spots for the tour experience: delicious food, historical monuments, And Adventure activity.

Konkani is Goa’s Spoken language, and local peoples also understand English, Marathi, and Hindi.

The languages spoken by different communities in the region differ from each other. The Christian community says Konkan is heavily influenced by Portuguese vocabulary.

English is a common language in the north. The majority of local Goan spoke Marathi and Hindi because of due to its proximity to Mumbai.


Goa has a mixture of different religions such as Christian Catholics, Muslims, and Hindus who live together, following their old traditions and customs, all the major festivals. With enthusiasm without bringing any religious barrier within the society.


Goa’s tradition is quite rich, a unique heritage of different cultures, traditions, and customs have influenced almost every aspect of the Goans lifestyle.


The leading food of the Goa is Coconut, Rice, Seafood, Meat, and Vegetables. Goan food is incomplete with fish, so the Goan people eat fish regularly.

North Goa

North Goa, the administrative headquarters, and the capital of the state bounded north goa, which is ideal for tourists who wish to relax in the lap of nature.

The North Goa is famous for Nightlife, Shacks, Clubs, and Beautiful beaches also Attract most of the foreign tourists. That’s why foreigners visit here to take place and stay here.

Baga Beach

Baga beach, named after the Buggah creek that flows into the Arabian sea, is one of the famous beaches in north goa the Baga beach with the shade of coconut palms and neighborhood of fisherman and the neighborhood of fishermen folk is 30 kilometers away from the Calangute beach adventure sports like water bike.

Paragliding and boating await tourists who love to dare the ordinary and mundane Baga beach is famous for nightlife with his 24hours working bars, seafood restaurants, and disco tees.

Calangute Beach

The beach is famous for nightlife and 24 hours of bars and cafes—the largest beach in the north goa their white sand and hence it Queen of Beaches. Tourists enchanted by the mystic beauty of the shores and dancing to the waves’ tunes is nothing short of spectacular. Calangute suites offer a wide variety of souvenirs to take a little bit of goa back home.

Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort is a 17th-century Portuguese fort alongside the beautiful Arabian sea. Aguada fort is 18km from Panaji on the shores of river Mondovi overlooking the Mondovi River’s confluence and the Arabian sea.

The stretch of land from the fort to Calangute beach as the Aguada beach.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach, with its late red ride and unusual rock formation, is one of the most visited beaches in India. It is intertwined with the landscape and works from dusk till dawn.

Trance parties and Disco parties are a part of nightlife in Anjuna.

Candolim Beach

The beach is free from the hustle and bustle, and the free market is situated away from Panaji. Candolim Beach is one of the longest beaches in the state that stretches from Aguada to Calangute. Candolim provides a very visual environment that is of attention.

The situation is similar. Available from North Goa, North Goa is well connected to bust services, the nearest railway station is Thivim at a distance of 20 kilometers, the nearest airport is Goa International Airport at a distance of 40 kilometers.

Night Life of North goa

Tito’s Bar and club

The Tito’s bar club is one of the most popular nearby at the Baga beach area. This club as its vast dance floor, which seems to be access to Baga beach. Most people said if you come to Baga beach and not visited Tito’s so your time and place.

The club food is quite expensive, and the style and taste of making a cocktail are unique compared to other places in goa. Titos has various theme-based nights like Ladies night, Bollywood vintage night, and karaoke night is one of the most popular party destinations. The price varies depending on the night you visit. It follows the strict dress code for men, which is casual formals.

The timing of Tito’s opened from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am.

Club Cubana

Club Cubana is One Of The Most Happening Night Club located on top of Arpora Hills. With a spectacular view in the center, a big pool is reserved only for ladies.

The charge for Club Cubana is a little expensive, but it gives Unlimited drinks. This is the best club to visit with friends and enjoy an unlimited drink and loud music. The club timings from 9:30 to 4:00 am.


Britto’s bar and restaurant is located on the famous Baga beach.
It is a restaurant that has a wonderful ambiance and is a great place.
Brittos Restaurant & Bar in Calangute, Goa Sun, Surf and Seafood. that is what comes to mind when one thinks of Goa, the party destination of India. In fact, a trip to Goa is incomplete without stopping at Brittos Restaurant & Bar at Calangute.
Brittos Goa restaurant on Baga Beach by the current owner, namely Cajetan’s father, Dominic Britto, in 1965.
The restaurant today attracts a large number of crowds. One has to come early to get a place and the waiting time is quite a bit. The whole restaurant has a good vibe that gets with Goan take it easy attitude.

South Goa

Goa was earlier a Portuguese colony with the Arabian Sea on the western coast. Attracts national and international tourists to his charming beaches and the luscious landscape filled with greenery.
It is where different cultures mingle and take the form of a different culture is home to various music festivals, literary festivals and Goans cuisine is definitely worth trying.

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is 43 km away from Madgaon situated in the Canacona south goa.

It is a favorite among tourists for its breathtaking beauty the Palolem beach Surrounded by coconut trees one side, and local fishermen folk inhabit the nearby areas.

Palolem is safe from children as it is Shallow, and the currents are slow boat available in butterfly island your visual experience, and if love favors dolphins can for the adventure-loving tourists kayaking is the perfect choice of an adrenaline rush.
Madgaon is the nearest railway station around an hour away from the Palolem.

Colva Beach

It is located in the coastal village of Salcete and stretches for a distance of about 2.4 kilometers.

Popular among Indian tourists and it’s neglected to an extent by foreign tourists. Coconut palms on the shores of goa are truly alluring.

Nightlife is a predominant part of goa with his night party hubs and DJ festivals, fishermen folk, and lifeguards saw in goa giving it a sense of local life of the neighborhood.

Basilica Church

The most beautiful peaceful place. It’s too far on the hilltop or Goans are usually coming for pre-wedding shoot or Weeding’s.

From these, you can see Old Goa, Mondovi river, and Divar Island it is really beautiful.

Church Of Our Lady Mount

Although its secluded location often leads to this little church being overlooked, it is certainly worth a stop on a tour of Velha Goa (Old Goa).
With simple exteriors, lavish interiors, and a wealth of historical significance, this chapel is what one might call a hidden treasure. Its bare whitewashed walls present a delightful picture at sunset, and the view from its vantage point is truly breathtaking.

Situated as it is atop the Monte near the Church of St. Cajetan, it overlooks the Mandovi’s expanse and the islands of Devar and Chorao.

Divar Island

This ferry through goes at Divar Island when you reached the island you saw the Peaceful Portuguese ancient Goan vibe.

where you can see on this island where you can see the scenic views it is the most beautiful island. The land of forgotten to walk on a small island of the beach capital of India to drive your car on a single lane road which by marshy water it is truly spectacular.

Bambolim Beach

Bambolim is famous for a small clean beach, here you can do water sport activities.

Here is less crowd To reach at Bamboli beach take a route of winding roads to cross which is greenish in surrounding and trust me to assist on the Sunset which I had never seen.

Safa Masjid

Safa Masjid which by Ibrahim Adil Shah in 1560 A.D.
The surrounded part of Masjid is fully greenery. In Masjid, there is a beautiful pond. It is situated at goa.

When Muslim rule in Ponda, so the Muslim people have built masjids later, they all because the new law of Portuguese came here is the one beautiful left Safa masjid; Safa Masjid is in Angular shape and has a water tank in the south.

The Masjid is of a single prayer hall with columns. It stands on a raised platform surrounded by ten octagonal laterite pillars. The Safa Masjid is and was the prominent Islamic shrine ponda, commonly regarded as Hindu pilgrimage in goa.

Church Of St. Augustine

You may in historical culture, so go to the half church, also known as the St. The Church of Augustine between 1597 and 1602 atop the Monte Santo (Holy Hill). From the stem of Augustina, the church has four towers, of which the only one remaining. The remaining building is a four-storied structure built of laterite 46 meters in height.

Arambol Beach

Arambol beach in north goa. In Arambol beach you can enjoy the markets, beaches, sunset, and the ancient bridge these are the places where tourists are attracted.

South Goa Nightlife

Leopard Valley

Leopard Valley is the biggest open-air party the parties by some of the best DJs around the world with drinks, food, and laser shows, Leopard Valley Friday night in South Goa is the dream destination.

Stunning acoustics, amazing 3D laser lights, fire pits, and other fireworks are all around you. The Leopard Valley is Opened Only on Friday from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am.

Silent Noise Party

As a name suggest, the Silent noise party has become a legend among the party people in South Goa. There is silent noise. The quiet noise club party is situated near Palolem Beach every Saturday. The party begins, So Set up your wireless headphones select the music channel you want, and start gearing up on the dance floor.

The Saturday Noise party is only on Saturday 7:00 pm to 4:00 am.

Full Moon Parties

Full Moon Parties is basically when the Full moon night is held by Colva beach. Namely, it is known as the Little gem of North Goa. It is different from other parties. These parties can last till morning. The full moon is one of the most popular places to enjoy parties and South Goa nightlife.

Goa Shopping Markets

Goa is also famous for shopping Antique pieces, handwork culture, and fashions Streets, most Selling items in goa Alcohol, Cashew, Clothes.

Indian and foreign people love to dress up printed fashion clothes, the new goa fashion is basically cultural influences, and also, Goa is a big Fish Market and Stone Jewellery.

Flea Market

One of the most famous shopping marketplace on Anjuna beach, the market is set up every Wednesday. Here you find a variety if Home decor Indian species, Musical instruments, jewellry, Footwear, and Handicrafts, a great place for Shopping in Goa.

Panjim Market

Panjim Market is a shopper paradise with a mix of Exotic and Modern products.

This Market is famous for Cashew Nuts, Feni, Kokum, Port Wine, Spices, Curry pastes, Fresh fruits and vegetables, Goan sweet, and groceries. The most favorite part of the market is the famous gallery Mario Miranda’s Works.

Margao market

Margao Market offers a great deal for guests and locals alike. It has a stunning atmosphere and a wide assortment of products.

Here you can buy Goan goods, daily use items for locals, vegetables, meat, flavors, pieces, clothing, textures, bamboo, woodwork, stone construction, and metal utensils.

Canacona Fish Market

Canacona Fish Market in Goa is one of the significant businesses of fish retailers.

Goa is a top player in the category fish retailers Canacona Fish Market has a wide range of products and/or services to meet its customers’ diverse needs.

Vasco Municipal Market

The municipal market Vasco de Gama is located in the city center. Vasco municipal market is adjacent to Vasco Residency. Another famous market of Vasco city is Apna Bazaar.

Mapusa Fish Market

Mapusa Bazaar is a general Goan market popular among locals and tourists.

On every Friday the Mapusa Market, you will get Dried fish, Goan spices, home-made pickles, Goan Chorizos, Goan masalas, and also this market offers Fruits, Vegetables, and fresh catch. Since the locals visit this market, the rates here are very reasonable.

Mackie’s Night Bazar

If you want to enjoy Goa’s nightlife, you have to go to Mackie’s Night Bazar.

The Bazar was held on Every Saturday Midnight on Goa beach. There are 100 0f stall sells everything junk jewellery, trendy beachwear, Antiques, and handicrafts. The market has some fantastic food serving beer and authentic Goan, Chinese, and Tibetan food.

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