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Digital Moda 2020-2021

Moda Fashion 

Moda is a show that brings fashion into life this show hosted in Birmingham heart of the UK. It makes fashion accessible to everyone. In February and September Moda came up with a comprehensive selection of women’s wear accessories and footwear.
Moda is the leading footwear show in UK Offerings the largest selection of women’s, men’s, and children’s footwear collection.
In 2020 Moda is going Digital fashion show.
Because of coronavirus 1st and 2nd September join us on the virtual form for the latest fashion collections and more. Moda makes fashion Accessible to everyone.
Digital Moda is excited to present a brand new look where the fashion community came together. So prepare as our well-loved shows present a new layout.
Designed to offer a home to each unique fashion tribe by bringing them together in a community for fashion lovers individuals by allowing us to collaborate, innovate and inspire one another.

Digital Moda fashion Trends 2020-21

Digital Moda Fashion Show has come with more than 100 fashion shows during the spring season Modernized coats, jackets, and button-downs.
The look is often and show contrasting colors to make it really stand out.

1. The Disco Collars

The look is most impactful in jacket form it as contrasting collar over a blazer or a leather trench coat and the look is the main thing is highlighted the collar.

2Gypsy Crochet Dress

Crochet is getting cool in spring As fashion looks for ways to become more sustainable there special something special about trend it can look chic and effortless on the streets.

3. Hots Pants

Hots pants came back in summer  2020, it balanced on ultra shots with long sleeves or a jacket on top it looks must attractive on a jacket, long sleeve leggings, and knee-high boots, and its comfortable to wear on street.

4. Highlighter Reel

As a name highlighter, the colors of the dress are fluorescent are meant for this with a flair for the dramatic. Its highlight color attracts the people because the color is different from others and it’s one way to make an entrance.

5. Business Bermuda

As your mind you thought the hot pants make a run, Bermuda short are ready to save the day as name business Bermuda.
Putting a twist on the classic suit you can easily wear on a day to day job or wearing Bermuda for posing street style photography.
The length of a Bermuda may stunt your height and it might be different from others pants or shots and its catchy look easily adopt to anyone.

6. Tiered skirts 

Tiered skirts as like gown that manages to offer volume, high drama, and maximum length lovely and light tiered dress. That manage volume and high drama tiered maxi dress are surprisingly versatile pieces in spring.

7. 60’s wallpaper

The floral design is a part of the 60s & 70s this design comes up with a new design in spring 2020, Abstract style dress has unique and traditional to wear. The 60s was all about having fun and fashion ruled the runways.

8. Bird of feather

Bird of feather is an ideal glam feather frocks and tops while it almost certainly lights as air it’s a type of frocks that’s fell comfortable its lightweight is easy to wear.

9. Spring Leather

Get a new look in spring 2020 by adopting some leather wear clothes colorful jackets, tops the trend is going in spring has a cover over the market and the leather clothes give a high impression to wear.

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