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Best USB portable juice blender for juicing and smoothie: Our top 6 blenders

When we say healthy, Juice is a perfect substance that keeps our body clean and fresh it is a part of an active lifestyle. While we all know the benefits of juices that help to improve our health as well as a living lifestyle that’s keeps us fresh and young.

Juices are a part of our life we consume juices whenever we needed for a taste or daily consumption. But in some cases, we do not carry juice anywhere. For example, if you are traveling in a hilly region like mountains and you want to consume juice it is not possible. Because there are no fruits or vegetable stalls or juice maker machines nearby.

Instead of a juice maker machine, you want something lightweight, easy to use, carry anywhere, and time-consuming. The best USB portable juice blender will slot right into your daily routine.

The best USB portable juice blender is a relatively new addition to the health and fitness canon. It should not be confused with main-powered, single-serve individual mixers that are smaller and more efficient for mixing different ingredients.

USB portable blender do not require any main power to operate so they can use anywhere at any time. They’re pretty cheap to buy, and you can charge them using a USB-based power pack, computer, car charge, or mains plug.

The portable blender is fully capable of whipping up smoothies and is great for mixing ice cream and cocktails. They’re perfect for office or home use, for trekking and camping sites, or for mixing up simple things like a protein shake after working out at the gym.

Many of our guide USB portable juice blenders are completely cordless, with a lightweight designs and comfort fell that will fit in a gym bag or suitcase. Others need to be plugging, but they have a small and compact design that will make it easy for them to move from one place to another and still allow you to use them in your kitchen.

What are a portable blender?

USB portable blender that is shorter, lighter, and more convenient than a traditional blender. It can be easily carry away or placed on a shelf in your kitchen. They are more compact and perfect that can easily fit in a case or backpack.

They operate on battery or USB power, eliminating the need for a power source, perfect for anyone far from civilization camping trips. A portable juice blender allows us to make healthy mixes at your home or on your travel trip.


A Blender is a kitchen tool that mixes, crushes, blends, mixes, grinds, liquids, and more. They are ideal for making healthy drinks, nutritious, smoothies, and milkshakes.  

To use a blender, you fill it with fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients of your choice, such as nuts and grains. Turn on the blender, choose the settings, and the blades start working at a high speed to chop the ingredients.

As the result, you get a thick mixture of fruits & veggies juice. With the use of a blender, you can prepare soups, smoothies, dips, sauces, and many more.

What are the main things to consider when choosing a portable blender?

When it comes to finding the right small, easy-to-carry blender, you can’t just pick one. There are many brands and types of blenders on the list you should be researching and choosing which is perfect and made you feel comfortable from it.

A blender should be specially designed for easy packing and transportation. It has a lightweight, high-power battery source, easily fits in hand and full fill your daily needs.

What plan to blend?

The blending mixture can contain a wide variety of ingredients, from soft fruits to hard nuts and even ice. You have to decide what you are planning to do with blending when you are away from home.

You may want to settle on healthy fruit juices or want to make complex meals like soups and all while away from home.

Blending is not only a mixture of ingredients but also a part of the strong power of the machine. If the machine function is well the type of ingredients that you can blend.

Size & Weight

A light, small, and compact blender is best for traveling. Physical size is also necessary. You don’t want to use up expensive packing space and you want it to fit comfortably in your luggage. Look for a size that can be easily fit in a backpack or suitcase.

For example, If you’re out on a hiking or camping adventure, a blender that fits in a backpack is the ideal choice. Similarly, make sure your blender fits in your gym, Pilates, yoga, or dance bag.

Portable blenders are smaller than kitchen blenders. Some are only for one person, and some have more substantial containers, and some models come with additional containers.

Capacity of power

Power determines what types of ingredients that you want to blend. For travel, you can go for a blender with low-capacity power. Top-of-the-range kitchen blenders will average just over 700 watts.

If you are planning to make shakes from frozen or hard ingredients. Then you will require a more powerful machine with sharp blades.

For your travel blender, you can drop down to 125W with a less powerful machine. Remember that less power, less strength, so if you decide to crush nuts or ice, you will need the ability to do so.

Power source – battery or corded

Will there be a power source at your destination? If not, you’ll need to choose a blender with a rechargeable battery. There are two types of battery power you need to check. The first is a standard battery with a lifespan that will stop working once used.

Some blenders have rechargeable battery packs and can be mixes several times before you are recharging. It also saves a lot on the purchase of batteries and proves to be more economical in the long run. Many travel blenders charge easily by plugging into your laptop’s USB port.

Travel blenders are also available with standard power cords. Electricity will be available if you are staying in a hotel, resort, or vacation self-catered lodge. So, it’s easy to be use a or carry whenever you are traveling.


When it comes to value you decide how much you want to spend and stay within your budget. The range of portable blenders is very affordable, ranging from about $ 50 to $ 100.

Keep always in mind that cheap is not always right and high prices do not always pay off.

Best USB Portable Blender

1. Brayden Fito atom portable blender

This attractive, USB-rechargeable model comes equipped with a 3.7-watt motor and six-pointed blade that spins and mashes tough ingredients with ease.

This portable comes in a big 400 ml Tritan jar with a sporty cap. There’s also 200mAh rechargeable battery power which is good for about 5/6 of the mix. It even comes with a USB port to charge your mobile devices.

brayden portable blender
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2. Royal step portable blender

This lightweight body design makes it easy for you to get to school, office, park, camping, everything you want. It is also convenient for charging via power bank, laptop, computer, car, or other USB devices.

It has a smart safety protection device that is ultra-safe to use and clean the magnetic sensing switch. The body and bottom of the juicer cup can be separated and easy for you to clean it.

From this royal step brand, you can use this blender for fruit juice, Milkshake, vegetable juice, and smoothie.

How to use

  • Cut the fruit about 1052cm.
  • Pour proper amount of pure water or milk.
  • Press the on button.
  • Finish and enjoy your tasty drink.
Royal step portable blender
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3. Slursh bolt USB portable blender

The Slursh has received attractive reviews and assume to be a bit more powerful than other models. Users are curious about its compact size, glass container, and speed and efficiency of making healthy drinks.

With a built-in 2000mAh battery and 3 hours of charging capacity, you can make 15 cups of juice, milkshake and margarita without stopping. In addition, you can also use the USB cable to supply the power and continue to reduce more drinks if necessary.

It can easily be in your bag and carried to the ends of the earth. The maximum capacity is 350ml, weighs 438g with 65W motor power. Lightweight and portable, it can be used for hiking, traveling to the gym, picnic, your work desk, and classroom.

Made with eco-friendly ABS-plastic and sturdy Triton material, it’s light in weight, neutral in taste, heat resistant, non-toxic, food-safe, scratch-resistant, dishwasher safe up to 80°C, and extremely durable. The slursh can be your silent companion. It makes a less noise than any other blenders.

Slursh bolt USB portable blender
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4. Balzano high speed blender 

This attractive model has received varying user feedback on Amazon, but most of the buyers are happy with it. The Balzano 500W motor with overload protection for continuous operation, comes with a BPA-free Tritan jar with Tritan material imported from USA.

An expertly designed system lets you mix and grind some of the toughest ingredients in Indian cooking, both wet and dry, from turmeric and coconut to idli batter, smoothies, and much more.

Double safety interlock system the jar and lid must be crushing hands-free before the blade or coupler rotates. Stainless Steel Blade The specially designed blending blade and grinding blade makes it easy to achieve the best results in a very short time.

Balzano high speed blender
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5. Slursh sapphire USB portable blender

The Slursh has received a raft of glowing reviews and to be slightly more powerful than other models. Users are concerned about its compact size, glass container, and its speed and efficiency at making healthy drinks with little hassle.

With the built-in 4400mAh battery and 3 hours of charging capacity, you can make 15 cups of juice, milkshakes, and margaritas, and that too nonstop. In addition, you can also use the USB cable for the power supply and continue to reduce more drinks if necessary.

It can easily be in your bag and carried to the ends of the earth. The max capacity is 480ml with 75W motor power. Lightweight and portable, it can be used for hiking, gym, picnic, traveling to your work desk and classroom.

The slursh is made with eco-friendly borosilicate glass and triton material. It is light in weight, neutral in taste, heat resistant, non-toxic, food-safe, scratch-resistant, dishwasher safe up to 80 °C, and extremely durable.

Slursh Sapphire has a bright blue stone top on the lid which adds a style quotient to your personality and a sturdy inbuilt handle to carry it in style.

Slursh sapphire USB blender
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6. Frixen portable blender

Portable Juice cup rechargeable blender small in size, portable, and multi-use can be uses as an ordinary cup and juice blender. It can be mixes with all types of fruits and vegetables.

The Frixen blender can be easily charged from mobile power banks, car power, and computer USB. So, for planning a picnic or riding it can be the best kit to carry it easily in a bag or suitcase.

It has a smart safety protection device, magnetic sensing switch to use and clean ultra-safe, the body and bottom of the juicer cup can be detached, you can be easy to clean.

Frixen portable blender
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