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Travel safe with Tata AIG insurance plan

What is Travel Insurance

Talking about different types of insurance policies. Don’t forget to learn more about travel insurance plans. Such policies ensure the financial security of travelers during their journey. Travel safe with Tata AIG insurance plan

Therefore, travel insurance is short-term protection compare to other types of insurance policies. Depending on the provider you choose, travel insurance can offer financial assistance at various times.

Like when you lose luggage, cancel a trip, and much more. There are various types of travel insurance plans available in the country.

International travel insurances

If you are traveling abroad, make sure you choose an international travel insurance plan.

This allows you to cover unexpected expenses that may occur during a trip. Like a medical emergency, lost luggage lost passport, etc.

Domestic travel insurances

It is a type of travel insurance policy that protects your finances while traveling in India. If you are planning to go abroad for a holiday, such a policy will not help.

Home holiday insurances

When you travel with family, your home is unsafe and insecure. The potential for theft is always significant, leading to significant losses.

Thankfully, with the Home Holiday Insurance Plan. Which are usually included in travel policies you are financially protected from such incidents.

Benefits of travel insurances

Cover flight delay

Delay or cancellation of flight can cause substantial loss to the passenger. Most of the time an insurance policy will not cover you for a lost aircraft.

If you do not arrive on time to catch your flight, there is no reason for the insurance company to refund the cost of the air ticket.  You can claim such financial loss from the insurance company.

Baggage Loss

Travel insurance allows you to claim financial help in case of delay or loss of luggage during the journey. You should be inform about the loss of luggage in the passenger insurance policy.

The policy will claim a total loss of goods. With this amount, you can buy some necessary items.

Trip Cancellation cover

An emergency cancellation trip or vacation can be the most frustrating event. In this case, a cancellation cover based on the cost of your entire trip can be very handy.

You can claim financial help to pay fines and cancellation fees for flights, hotels, etc. Make sure you choose the insurance company carefully and preferably. That one reliable 24×7 is available to help you.

TATA AIG Travel insurance policy

TATA AIG travel insurance policy offers a wide range of global coverage against medical costs, including covid treatment and travel-related crises.

Such as lost luggage or passport which you may have to deal with during your trip. The company operates as an undertaking in Tata, a reputable name in India. And the AIG American International Group is a market leader in insurance and financial services.

Tata AIG Travel Insurance is a unique product that provides financial assistance in case of any mistake during your journey. It provides coverage against a range of medical or non-medical emergencies in return for an affordable premium.

Complex holidays are neither fun nor comfortable. Such unforeseen circumstances have led to a huge increase in the number of people opting for insurance policies.

Tata AIG Insurance Company offers a range of travel insurance plans. Which gives you exactly what you want depending on the purpose and requirements of your trip.

Features of TATA AIG travel insurance plans

Having a comprehensive TATA AIG travel insurance plan gives you full protection during your travels. It gives you compensation and indemnity in case of emergency thanks to their versatile travel insurance plan.

Tata AIG Travel Insurance Policy offers domestic and international travel plans. These include medical expenses, loss of passport, personal accidents, cancellation of travel, loss of luggage, travel delays and other related risks during travel.

  • Global security 24×7 and 365 days.
  • Travel Guard Assist provides worldwide emergency assistance, medical evacuation, and repatriation.
  • Protection of medical expenses for accidents and illnesses under the travel guard plan.
  • A free period of 15 days, though applicable only for new business under the annual redemption trip.
  • An additional period of 30 days will be granted for the annual multi-trip.
  • Sum Assured can be increased at the time of renewal. But the same shall be at the discretion of the Company as per their underwriting rules and regulations. For yearly multi-trip renewal only.
  • Coverage for medical expenses incurred in the treatment of Covid-19.
  • Compensation for cancellation of journey in case of disruption due to COVID-19. Applicable only if insured falls ill in the country before embarking on their international trip.

Why should buy TATA AIG travel insurance plan?

In this digital world buying a travel insurance policy, it has more comfortable with several benefits. Because we don’t while traveling in case of any emergency happens. Here are some reasons why you should buy a travel insurance policy.

1. More Convenient

Buying a TATA AIG travel insurance policy is more convenient. You can also apply through an online home/office at any time where you are. All you need is a mobile or laptop to secure your journey with Travel Policy.

2. Plan Comparison

When buying a TATA AIG travel insurance plan. You can easily compare plans offered by a different insurer. This is because many insurance companies are offering expressive travel plans. And it is difficult to choose the best plan.

But comparing Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plan helps you identify the best plan for your trip at a pocket-friendly price.

3. Affordable

Buying a TATA AIG travel insurance plan is more affordable. As you only want to do contact an agent or visit the nearby TATA AIG branch.

They will give you great service and understanding of the plans. As per your needs you can choose the plans. The TATA AIG insurance plan charges lower premiums and lower operating costs.

4. Contactless buying

In this COVID-19 pandemic where social distancing is the norm. You can buy a TATA AIG Insurance policy online without coming in branch or contact with any person.

You are not required to submit any hard copy of the documents while buying the policy online.

5. Emergency hospitalization and medical treatment

The possibility of a medical emergency during the journey cannot be ruled out. By ensuring your travels, you can be sure of all your hospitalization and treatment costs. It will be taken care of by the TATA AIG travel Insurance policy.

6. Cashless hospitalization services

If you are hospitalized or receiving medical treatment listed by your insurance company. You can avail of cashless treatment services under your International travel insurance plan.

Where all your medical bills will be paid directly through Tata AIG Insurance Plan. You will not have to pay for any covered treatment at the hospital.

7. TATA AIG senior citizens plan

The requirements of senior citizens when traveling is different from other types of travelers. Because of this fact, the Tata AIG insurance plan offers customized travel insurance policies for the elderly traveling in India or abroad.

8. Available for frequent travellers

Purchasing a Tata AIG travel insurance policy for each trip can make it very expensive for people to travel repeatedly or multiple times a year.

To ensure that such frequent travelers enjoy the benefits of the TATA AIG travel insurance plan on every trip without any cost. Tata AIG offers a multi-trip policy with year-round availability.

Types of TATA AIG insurance plans provides

1. International Travel Insurances

Tata AIG International Travel Insurance is essentially international travel insurance. It protects you from any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during your travels abroad.

Under this plan, you must approach the Tata AIG agent. They will take care of everything in case of an accident.

International travel insurance offers a lot of options:-

Medical expenses reimbursement

The policyholder can claim reimbursement of USD 50,000 to 2,500,000 during foreign travel. Depending based on the type of plan they have opted for.

Illness dental relief

If there are any complications or dental health-related issues. Policyholders can claim reimbursement of up to USD 300-1,000 as per their plan.

Passport loss

If you keep or lose your passport abroad incorrectly. You can get help and reimbursement up to 250 USD.

Compensation for flight delays

Depending on the policy you choose, you can claim reimbursement for any additional costs incurred due to your flight delay.

These benefits cannot be attributed to the silver options of the Tata AIG plan.

Emergency cash advance

In the event of losing a wallet or luggage that can leave you without any money. You can easily take advantage of these features and get some cash for living abroad.

2. TATA AIG Student travel insurance plan

Tata AIG Student Insurance Scheme is specially designed for students who go abroad for studies. Individuals in the age group of 16 to 35 years who have enrolled and are present in fully registered educational institutions of higher learning.

This policy can be renewed until the insured reaches the full age of 35 years unless the plan is renewed.

Under this plan, there are plan options available that reimburse the medical expenses of accident and illness from USD 50,000 to USD 500,000 respectively.

3. Domestic Travel Insurance

Domestic travel policy is designed to meet the risk of traveling in a country by road, rail, or air only.

It is highly recommended as it provides financial protection for several common emergencies including trip cancellation, delay, accident, or other mishaps.

Certain benefits can be assisted only if the policyholder has opted for those additional benefits.

  • Lodging fees up to 1500 per day due to drip delays.
  • Reimbursement of family’s transportation expenses of Rs.10,000.
  • Coverage of medical expenses of the hospital due to accident.
  • Reimbursement for reasonable additional expenses for the insured. These employee add-on transfers can only be appeal for business trips.
  • Increase in Sum Assured – Sum Assured can be increased at the time of renewal. But this will only be at the discretion of the company in accordance with their underwriting rules and renewals for annual multi-trips.

4. Senior citizens travel insurance

Age is just a number and everyone should be entitled to the benefit of the security cover, irrespective of their age. TAT AIG Senior Citizen travel insurance policy that affects senior citizens above the age of 71 years.

These are particularly different they cover many age-related concerns that other plans do not have. Their dedicated helpline is always there for senior citizens to make their journey as comfortable and fun as possible.

How to file a claim for Tata AIG Travel Insurance Policy ?

Buying travel insurance is not your only responsibility as a traveler. You should be aware of the procedure for filing an insurance claim on time.

Apart from this you should be aware of the various coverages provided by your insurer. You should always carry a soft copy of the documents and store them on your Laptop, Mobile, or in a pen drive. So whenever need urgency you can easily access it.

There are some simple steps to file a claim for TATA AIG Insurance Policy.

  • Notify the Company immediately of any such event occurring as described above.
  • Submission of all necessary documents along with the filled claim form.
  • Resubmit any further documents as required by the Company or answer any questions raised by Tata AIG.
  • The payment made as per the instructions by the insured.

How to buy TATA AIG travel insurance policy?

There are several ways to buy a policy. You can buy a TATA AIG travel insurance policy online or you can from the policy bazaar also and from TATA AIG official website.

  • Visit the official website of TATA AIG travel insurance then go travel insurance page where you can see the travel Insurance plan.
  • Directly visit nearest TATA AIG branch where the agent will guide you about the Travel plan.
  • Then select the plan you want to buy sometimes they having existing offers also.
  • Select policy pay the premium using online method.
  • And your Tata AIG travel insurance policy will be issue and you will be emailed.

TATA AIG travel insurance plan Renewal tips

Tata AIG Travel Insurance financially protects your long-awaited trips from any unwanted hassles. However, there must be insured with the right insurance plan.

Here are some tips for the Tata AIG travel insurance plan.

  • There are two ways to renew TATA AIG travel insurance plan from online and offline methods.
  • If you prefer online, it’s requiring less paper work and easy to renew. Where you can directly approach with agent. He/she will guide you the renewal process.
  • if you want to add something you can do. You just want to take advice with your agent. And your agent will directly update the changes.
  • When you do changes pay the premium through online or offline. Such as net banking via debit or credit card and in offline directly visit nearest TATA AIG branch.
  • Then the agent will deliver soft copy on your registered Email id.

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