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Ramadan Weight Loss Diet Plan

About Ramadan

Ramadan is that the holy month of Quran. They believe that the Quran was sent to the Prophet Muhammad on this earth. During this month there may be peace on him. Quran is that the book of Allah and it is guidance for the entire of humanity.

During this month we read the Quran as much as possible. And try to understand it and apply its teachings in daily life.

One of the 5 pillars of Islam is fasting so Muslims fast during the month. They can eat or drink whatever they want a little before sunrise which precedes a prayer called Sehri.

We cannot eat or drink anything during out the day. During breakfast at sunset, they have breakfast which is called iftar. It is like a mini feast.

Since they remain hungry and tasty, they understand what pain the hungry and poor people go through. They sympathize with the people. In this month Muslims make a lot of voluntary charity called Sadqa and a compulsory donation called Zakat.

So, Muslim attempt to give food and money and whatever they, as much as can in this month. There is another reason why this month is important. Because during this month, Shaitan (Satan) and his team are chain up and closed.

Therefore, he cannot have any ill effects on us, and he cannot convince us to do anything bad or bad. And so it becomes very easy to do good deeds and be close to our creators.

Muslims believed in life after death and we believed that there would be a day of Quayamat. In which every person would be hell accountable for everything they did in this world.

If they did good or bad they might need to bear the result of it. It is not easy that this person is good send them to heaven or bad person send them to hell. It would be a complex scrutinization of each single deed that we did during this world.

Forgiveness Month

Ramadan is the month of forgiveness and we apologize to our Creators. As well as those whom we harm so this is the month of purification from our senses.

In Ramadan, every good thing we do is multiplied. The reward of doing any good is far more also the Duas are accept a lot during this month. Especially at a time of breaking the fast at a time of Iftar.

Muslims pray a lot during nights in Ramadan there is a special prayer called Taraweeh. Which is held in mosque everywhere during the month of Ramadan.

The last third of the night is consider important because they believe that Allah descends into heaven. Before the seven heavens and calls out to anyone that if you want to accept a dua, Allah will accept that dua.

If anyone is asking forgiveness Allah will forgive that person. So this point is consider to be the foremost and Every Muslim attempt to get a path during this time make Dua and ask forgiveness.

Ramadan diet plan teaches us self-restraint it is quite easy to eat or drink whatever we want. When no one is looking, and no one will ever know about it. But Muslims believed that Allah is watching us and therefore we drink or eat anything. We believe so strongly that Allah is watching us all the time.

Even iftar’s table is filled with all the good things and everything is in the food and drink. But before it is time for Iftar, we do not touch anything, it makes us very confident and strong inside.

Ramadan diet plan teaches us to be thankful for realizing the value of food, water, rest, wealth, and more. We realize that we have been blessed with many things. And we should be grateful for them rather than thinking about the things that we do not have.

Why do Muslims fast in Ramadan

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and it is the holiest month of the year for Muslims. The Quran our holy book was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

This is a month where around 2 billion Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset. They fast because to feed with poor people and to be a better person. It is also a part of religious behavior which helps to clear your mind.

Taqwa is an Islamic term for being aware of truth and God.Which means connecting with Allah and doing good works during this month of Ramadan to bring us back who we are.

Ramadan is connecting between us and our creator. Taqwa connects us to each other not only by offering prayers in the mosque, nor with our religion and with a family.

Where we have breakfast together, we help each other, where we donate more in that month. We cook food not only for our neighbours, for the poor but for street labourers. And people with different religions and cultures and mindsets.

This is the month where it brings all of us as human beings, even though we are Muslims. But we celebrate this month with the people around us.

Ramadan is not about changing who we are for 1 month of the year. It is about learning how to become a better person every day of our lives.

What are the benefits of Fasting in Ramadan?

From the medical point of view any type of fasting has some special benefits and it is not just the fasting of Ramadan. Throughout the culture we are receiving amazing health benefits from fasting. The body reboots from each cycle that we are not eating for a long time.

If we are do intermittent fasting and later we are not eating much then we have decreasing insulin resistance and the sugar level is more stable. Heart rate and blood pressure are going down well and we are getting less cardiac problems. Fasting can be a blessing and at the same time it is a way of treating people lovingly during the season.

Weight loss diet plan

If you try to do a diet plan in Ramadan, then you unknowingly follow intermittent fasting. When we say intermittent fasting diet, it has a minimum fast of 16 hours. Intermittent diet is a special diet, which is increasing the speed of fat burning in your body.

Because our body has two hormones testosterone and HGH. If you keep fast or fast, then these two hormones are growing fast. And when two levels are burning fast then your body is burning fat easily. Therefore, if you follow the proper diet plan in Ramadan you can lose 5 kg of weight in a month.

weight loss diet plan

Golden rule of Ramadan diet plan

  1. Exercise :- Exercise is the main thing when you workout or going for walk 20 mins a day its good. If you go to the gym or do weight training. Or intense exercise you lose your wait fast. Try to do regular exercise daily.
  2. Feeding stage :- Water and vegetables is the two main things you have to concentrate  when its comes in diet if you want healthy weight loss.
  3. Reduce fatty food :-:- If you are serious for weight loss or you want to do honestly weight loss, so you want to reduce your fat intake. What are fat intake? Such as oil, ghee, butter, cream want to reduce this small factor.
  4. Carbs :-  There are two types of carbs Simple carbs are white rice, maida, potato. Complex carbs are roti, wheat, rava, jowar, bajra, nachni and ragi. Maximum try to eat Complex carbs.
  5. No Sugar :- Say no to sugar if you are that type of person who intakes sugar on regular basics. Such as sweets, pasteries, and deserts this weight loss diet plan is not work for you until and unless say no sugar for loosing weight loss.
  6. Enjoy :- The last rule of Ramadan is a time of celebration. Where you go out with your family and create memories and that’s what you need to give importance.

Two Types of Diet in Ramadan

Follow every normal day (Strict Diet)

Focus on water first after eating, especially in this month because Ramadan is coming in the summer season. Because your body needs more water in summer. Before eating drink 1 bottle because in this meal plan drink water every 1 hour minimum 4 litres daily.

Eat 2 dates that contain simple sugar i.e. natural sugar. After eating 2 dates, you should eat seasonal fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pomegranate, pineapple, mango, apple etc.

It also keeps in mind if you want to do honestly weight loss. Some of your muscles also lose weight and fat. If weight loss is only the goal you need to understand that some amount of physical exercise is always better than doing nothing.

Normal diet plan

Other goal of yours is muscle protection, choose food suitable for your body like protein, cheese, eggs, chicken.

When it comes to eggs, eat only 1-2 egg yolk, homemade and low-fat cottage cheese, and chicken has more fat in chicken legs. So eat chicken breasts, not legs that are low in calories and high in protein is good for health.

Follow on celebration day (Enjoy the diet)

There is a happy movement in Ramadan when you are going out and celebrating with your family. The fun should come before something like health and fitness, think about your fitness goals and your health goals most of the week.

But go and have fun occasionally so that you are going out with your family for a Ramadan dinner. Keep in mind on this day your calories are going to be high your carbs intake is going to high, and your fat intake is also high.

So on that particular day, your goal should be to reduce total calories. Reduce the amount of carbs and fats in your other meals when you go out with your family and have fun but compensate for it by the food of others.

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