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13 Best places to visit in Manali 2021

4 Days Plan To Visit In Manali Itinerary

Manali is the most beautiful place in North India, there are lakhs of Indian and international tourist visit every here. For adventures, the Himalayans Mountains and Buddhist Monastery it is the best places to visit in Manali.  

Manali is 32km from Kullu Valley, It is Located at an Altitude of 2050 meters above sea level and is spreading along the banks of the rivers, Beas.  

There are Tibetans, Ladakhi, Kashmiri, Kullvi, And Lahuli Peoples who came to do business and slowly settled here. The main Source Economy Base on Tourism, Farming, Horticulture, handloom industry. Kullu- Manali local Spoken language is Kullvi, but they also know Hindi and English. You can also explore these places also Shimla, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Lehladakh.

Day 1.

Manali (Mall Road)

After a few hours of relaxation at the hotel room where we are going famous MALL ROAD, This Place is always hustle and bustle, Then we rent a bike from Black Ship Motor Adventure Shop. The shop owner showing bikes for renting there are other bikes also but I loved to travel and explore Manali with Royal Enfield I choose Royal Enfield 500cc rent of rs1500/- per day.

But I want bike tomorrow to explore Kullu manali, I discuss with the shop owner and I hire a bike for tomorrow then I go to my hotel for lunch.

Old Manali

I visit Old Manali, Old Manali is just 3kms from Manali but it takes 20-24min to cover the distance because the road is very steep, old Manali is at height if you want to enjoy a good scenic view so you can explore hotels and guests house option in old Manali.

Right now its 2pm time to have lunch ill go for lunch Full on Cafe Restaurant. I order Chinese dish and french fries the Chinese are amazing and the flavors are balance and the Soup is so interesting and tasty.

Hadimba Temple

Plan to visit Hidimba Devi Temple, in this temple, there is a cave inside the temple where the Hadimba Devi offered Penance. I meet with the Resident and know more about this historic temple. The pagoda style temple of Hadimba mats was during1553 by king Bahadur Singh of Kullu.

Inside the temple you can see the foot impression of Mata Hadimba engraved on stone and there is a statue of Devi Mahishasurmardini. It’s 9:00 pm so I decide to stay campaign site I reach the site and held dinner there are 3 varieties of dish Tudkiya Bhath, Bhey, or Spicy Lotus Stems, Chana Madra the three totally different dishes that I try in Manali, and explorers the flavors of dishes.

Hidimba Devi Temple

Day 2.

Jogini Waterfall

Today is a second day of Manali trip and I am visiting Jogini Waterfall to reach here you need to undertake a 30-40min trek from Vashisht temple. It is a natural waterfall the speed of the water is flowing down from a great pressure height.

I am going to do Zipling on a zipline that is 200m long 100m above from the ground and I am very excited to do zipline it was a very nice experience watching tress and scenery from the top and the view is so amazing while traveling to Zipline.

If you come to Manali and visit Jogini Waterfall I recommended you do zipping it is so interesting and exploring the zipline do come here I’m sure you will enjoy it too. And the rest of the day I meet and explore the residence people of Manali and other tourists and I make a conversation with them.

Nehru Kund

After jognini waterfall plan to visit Nehru Kund most tourist popular spot in Kullu Manali. The story behind this name when Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru visited Bhumi of Himachal for the first time. While walking, he reached this pool five kilometers away from Manali and he drank the water of this tank coming out of the glaciers.

It is says that after tasting this fresh water, the mantra became enchanted. Locals told them that this water is cleanest, but it has also been mixed with many Himalayan rare herbs, which prevents many diseases.

After this tour, Manali was first identified as a tourist destination in the country of the world. Local people say that after this whenever the Prime Minister used to visit Manali, he would drink the water of this tank. The view around this pool situated on the banks of river Beas is also delightful.

It says that the Prime minister used to bring water from this tank in Delhi too. Many such vehicles seen here which used to carry water to Delhi. That is why this kund was name as Nehru Kund. The best time to visit is from May to October.

The Gazebo

By passing solang valley we decided to go for lunch at The Gazebo is an Italian restaurant where you can find numerous Italian dishes which is melts in your mouth. If you love Mushroom, Pasta, Noodles, or pizzas this is the best restaurant where you can explore variety of dishes.

We order Pizza Napoletana, Spaghetti and Mushroom rice the food and the taste is too good. I recommended whenever you are passing from Solang valley you try to go for Italian food.

The way is serving is totally different and the waiters are spoke so gently and treat everyone in a discipline manner which you love to come again and again.

Solang Valley

Right now I am at Vashisht Chowk where i am hiring a bike, the google maps are showing the distance Approximately 10kms it is 20min distance, it was good to rent the bike I enjoying the scenic view you can do from a bike ride it takes 1 hour to travel from Vashisht Chowk to Solang valley, in winter you can do Skiing and Paragliding in summer.  

I am really excited about the first paragliding. The paragliding charges are between rs1000 to rs3200/- Depending upon the height from which you want to paraglide. The short flight is between 2 to 2.5 min and if you want to fly from a height the time duration is 10 -12 min. I’m enjoying the paragliding and I am so excited to do paragliding.

It’s a 5 pm we leave from Solang valley, now I am going Vashisht Chowk the place where I rented a bike. 2 to half km further up from there Vashisht temple. According to Hindu mythology Rishi Vaishit is one of the Saptrishi. They believed this temple is at least 4000years old, there is a hot spring to take bath here it sulphur water.

If you take bath in this water can clear your skin infection. People come here with this belief and take bath if you take bath in water you fell relaxable and fresh. I meet a local guy he suggests me a homely food experience.

If you want to eat home food takes experience as Nirvana Restaurant close to Vashisht temple you come to eat Thali. So today dinner will be had there. Thali cost of rs100/- 3dishesh (Kadhi, Paneer, Dal, and Chapati). He told me the combination of dishes is changed almost at a daily basis.

Day 3.

Dhundi Campsite

Experience the great green Himalayans mountains shining blue sky at this campsite you have a great experience to visit there. Whenever you go you feel like its heaven birds are chirping, fresh atmosphere, cold weather etc.

There is a small store where you can enjoy coffee, Maggi, or any snacks. It is a great experience of small tent at Himalayans mountains. This is a Famous spot attraction with family, friends, and tourists. You can spend 3-4 hours if you plan to visit at next destination.

Rohtang Pass

I left from campsite to reach Rohtang hire a taxi from Manali. It takes Approximately 3 hours to reach Rohtang my taxi drivers says we will get to see some snow. I could not get bike permit otherwise the journey is held on bike there i landside on the way.

Looking at this view one can realize how dangerous is the road to Rohtang Pass totally unpredictable. I have reached Rohtang pass at the height of 13050 feet above sea level. We left Dhundi campsite at 9:30 and reach Rohtang at 4:10pm Due to a landside on the way. I can see snow. Over here the snow view is really amazing you should try to visit Rohtang After spending 3hour in Rohtang.


Lotus food corner

Thankfully we didn’t get any traffic or landslide. When coming back we had a lunch at Lotus food corner is an pure vegetarian food corner with delicious food that can satisfy the craving of all food.

Here you get other variety of dishes with good taste such as Indian Thali, puri bhaji etc, at good reasonable rate. Where you can explore food and enjoy the journey.

It is one of the most acclaimed dishes that include pure vegetarian food has a good feel by offering highly tasty. The is so good, flavours are completely balance is an very tasty and yummy dinner.

The waiter comes and asks for feedback. The waiter said the owner of this place is a chef himself and like to experiment new dishes. So I gave feedback very happy to liking your dish and the Day is good.

Day 4.

Bijli Mahadev Temple

I return bike last night and I hired another one today I’m going to Bijli Mahadev Temple. There are two ways to go one from Kullu it takes 1 hour, and the other route is off-road track via Jana Waterfall. You can travel either on a Motorbike or in a Taxi/Gypsycar.

I preferred bike if you take off Road track to Bijli Mahadev you can enjoy on the way Himachal food at roadside of Maniramji. Dhaba is located right opposite to the Jana Waterfall Bijli Mahadev temple is another 24kms on an off roads track.

This temple is name because every few years lightning strikes the Shiv Lingam installed inside. The temple and lead to cracks it and then construction work on Shiv Lingam and backs to its original form. If you are confident about driving Skills on off-road tracks then you should explore route otherwise journey is very tough.  

Manikaran Kasol Pilgrimage

Enjoying Bijli Mahadev Temple i done my breakfast and ready to go Manikaran road Kasol. I retained the bike for my journey to Manikaran. By the way you can travel Manikaran on buses (Himachal roadways bus). I am flexible with a bike and it takes flexibility to Manikaran how much time to spend with there.

The road passes by Manikaran through Kullu bypass road. The narrow road turns are very sharp there is one side mountain and another a deep trench better to slow to ride is fine. If you come to Manali you shall definitely visit Manikaran Besides Gurudwara the Parvati rivers flow.

This view is worth watching at thousand times sounds of the rivers flows is so comfortable and relatable. Inside Gurudwara, you can experience the Spiritual listening, you can take bath in hot spring. If you visit Gurudwara you should definitely try Langar (kitchen community meals) you can stay night also rooms are available. The langar is open 24hours Besides Gurudwara. There is a Shiv temple where you can cook Rice and Chana within 10 min in a hots spring.


It is famous for trekking the name kheerganga suggest river ganga because that river ganga is White as Kheer according to Indian sweet dish.

Its name from vast expanse of the river’s milky water flowing in the Parvati valley from around the mountain. The trek located at a height about 2950 m, it is one of the most well-known trekking in Himachal Pradesh. Kheerganga presents a treasure trove of memorable experiences for trekkers. which you love to do.

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