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Happy Onam Festival Spreading Joy And Happiness

Biggest Harvest Festival In Kerala

The Onam festival spreading Joy and Happiness in Kerala state, land at the southern end of the Indian continent, known as God’s Own Country Kerala is a paradise on earth. It is a land of beaches, backwaters, excellent resorts, beautiful hill stations, and wildlife. 

Kerala culture is a shining moss that is an ancient tradition of a long-standing land, this visual culture showcases vibrant displays of art forms and festivals, ceremonies, and ceremonies and is part of any culture.

The Festival Of Spreading Joy And Happiness

Happy Onam is the biggest and most important festivals. It is the harvest festivals spreading with Joy and Happiness all over the state by people of all communities. Is one of the most famous and cultural celebrate ever year in Kerala.

Onam festival starts from the first day of Malayalam a new year and continues for ten days with lots of rituals and traditional activities legends say during the region of King Mahabali.

Kerala witnessed its golden era popularity of the king could not be tolerate by the goals. They surreptitiously send home to nether world Mahabali requests to visit his people.

Once in a year was grant god this annual visits of king Mahabali is celebrate as Onam festival. Every year is a symbol of Malayalam cultures and traditions is also celebrate as tourism week.  



To witness spreading joy and happiness a large crowd of domestic and foreign tourists comes to the best of the rich culture heritage in Kerala and roam during a 10-day long. Happy Onam festival with folk dances, music, high-powered force is full of e.t.c.

They Decorate Elephant wonderfully people of kerala celebrate the best possible manner most impressive part of celebration is a grand feast known as Ona Sathya. They prepared on theorem is a 9 course meal consisting of 11 to 13 essential dishes. 

Traditional wear is display on Onam with a man wearing cream Kala Mundo and juba. And women wearing a traditional Kerala sari white in color Golden border. Ona Sathya is serve on Banana leaves and people sit on a mat laid on the floor to have the meal.

The Snake Boat

Another feature of Onam is Gigantic Snake boat line up the shores for competitions and the floral decoration everywhere. The wonderful feast is a colorful sight to watch decorative boats by hundreds of boatmen sing a song and cheering the spectators.

There is also tradition to play games during Onam called Onna Women to indulge in a cultural activity they make designs of flowers max called Pookkalam. 

In the front of the doors to welcome the king Mahabali decorate flowers carpets (Onapukkam). Which made of many types flowers and different rangoli colors. It is a festival in which people enjoy a 4 day holiday approved by the state.


Keiko De Cali and Thimblefullr dances performed by women on Onam. A folk performance like Koukalli and Plooy calli add to the zest of celebrations. In Onam gifting is a compulsion in the family people exchange gifts in a form of Silver, gold, clothes and home appliance.The youngest of the family is usually gets gifts from elders.

The temple of Vamanamurthy Thikkara in Kochi becomes the center of celebration and is consider the ancient capital of Mahabali. Dedicate lord Vamana Kerala this is how the Happy Onam tradition begins.

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