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How can we celebrate Eco friendly Ganpati

Ganesh Chaturthi is an auspicious and biggest festival in India. We welcome our beloved God with joy and devotion. Ganesh Chaturthi is very close and like every year, water and air pollution will increase in many parts of our country as millions of people will gather to immerse Ganpati idols in reservoirs.

Since the sculptures are made from plaster of paris. They are naturally non-biodegradable and therefore float on water for long periods of time, suffocating reservoirs and adversely affecting the aquatic ecosystem.

Tired of the problem the statues are often decorate with heavy colors. Put emphasis on the process of eliminating lead and mercury in the body of water plants and animals.

Eco-friendly Ganesha idols are brought home to contribution towards nature. And the protection of the environment and marine life. Eco-friendly sculptures made from pure organic materials. Most of the mixture of soil and natural red clay. The materials used are biodegradable and do not cause any harm to nature.

The sculptures are 100% soluble. As a symbol of nature, they also offer a potted plant with our Ganapati. Therefore, you not only preserve nature but also promote its welfare.

Additionally, you can order these eco-friendly ganpati idols online at your convenience. You can also ask for home delivery, where you can forget about pickup worries.

What is eco-friendly Ganpati made of?

Plaster of Paris Ganesh idol made from attractive, cheap and easy to make. But they can be very harmful to your health and to the environment.

Usually, the preparation of the feast that starts from the very first day. Many Bollywood celebrities and TV festival are sharing their plans, others have created Ganesh home.

But all celebration is consider a very necessary that you need to make environmentally friendly Ganesh versus the traditional plaster of Paris. Green Ganesh soil are made of natural fibers, paper and other biodegradable materials.

These idols deteriorate rapidly when dissolve in water and do not harm the environment as they are built of POP. So, to help you move towards a more environmentally friendly Ganesh Chaturthi.

What is Shadu Mati?

Shadu Mati is known as natural clay. It is pollution free and helps maintain healthy green environment. Clay has high plasticity. Most of the sculptures it is suitable for making religious idols of various goddesses.

This helps to avoid Pollution of nature, which easily dissolve in water. Nowadays the demand for bigger and more Ganesha’s is increasing. Initially, people built mandapas for Ganapati out of faith.

Now it has become a symbol of status and competition. This has become Ganesh’s idols for market traders. Sculptors are construct from plaster of Paris because they are cheap, light, and easy to mold.

Possibly, all of us want to go for a traditional clay Ganapati. And decorate with natural and organic colors. You should immerse only the clay idols of water, rather than made of hazardous substances such as POPs and other harmful chemicals statues.

This is very harmful to nature we want to celebrate this festivals Eco friendly with spreading joy and happiness. To celebrate this organic Eco friendly Ganpati festival we have to use clay idols that suitable to nature.

Clay idols will dissolve easily in water because they are build of clay. Which is eco-friendly and will not cause water pollution. No color will be used in the idols made from clay. These colors cause harmful chemical contamination when dissolved in water.

Clay idols does not require any artificial decorations and additional steel structures. Statues of clay comes in low altitude, so there will be no electrical accident during transport.

Clay idols are a symbol of spirituality and simplicity of Indian culture. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival of knowledge, prosperity, and auspiciousness. So this Ganesh Chaturthi allows us to bring eco-friendly clay idols and celebrate it keeping the environment in mind.

How we celebrated Eco Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi at Home?

As we all know that the country is under lockdown from 22nd March, 2020. The government has banned any social function from taking place, be it in temples or in open ground.

All these precautions are grasp to strictly avoid any physical contact, which will prevent further spread of COVID-19. In such a tense situation and with Ganesh Chaturthi approaching, we just want to celebrate the festival with gusto.

The study reveals to celebrate Eco friendly Ganesh festivals at home it brings a new method to celebrate trees statue of Ganesha idols is an integrated seed in the body and therefore it is an immersion-free celebration.

The immersion ceremony can be occupy on our balconies. Seed watering the statues are reproduce and grow into a healthy plant grow a tree to nature and take us as his beloved Lord Ganesha plant.

If you still want to maintain the atmosphere of Ganesh Chaturthi, it is best to be eco-friendly this season.

How do you dissolve Ganesha seeds?

The logic behind Ganesha seed is simple Ganesh idols made from plaster of Paris. Contribute to water and environmental pollution every year. After the festival, devotees immerse the idols in the city’s lakes.

Considering that the seeds were divide to the guests of Lord Ganesha. To promote the idea of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in an environmentally friendly manner.

These sculptures are made organically with pure mud, coco peat, cocoa powder and various seeds submerge in them. After the Ganesh Chaturthi rituals these idols can be put down in flowerpots. Within a few days the seeds start sprouting and growing in the seedlings.

Once they were certain size they can be transplant in the soil and the apartment complex, in the kitchen or gardens. Rising environmental pollution, increase the number of trees, planting seedlings and every minute of the hour is need to nurture them.

What are the factors to celebrating Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi?

Celebrating while maintaining social distancing

The grand and joyous ceremony of social distancing immersion will take away from us. But in no way adjust the situation and still have fun without missing the ritual.

Our eco-friendly Ganpati idols can be submerge in a bucket of water or in an indoor tub. The soil left in the bucket can be re-use to fertilize the plants after the immersion process is complete. You can also use to make a small new plant.

This makes it very easy to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi as well as maintain social distance.

Reserving Water

We go to ordinary rivers, seas and lakes to immerse our idols. Which degrades water quality and requires more water to break the POP idol.

However, as nature-friendly images that are not completely soluble organic substances which are made from. A gallon of water is not require for immersion of an eco-friendly Ganesha idol as it can only be dissolve in a bucket of water.

But POP Ganesh idols 10x times more water, so it was impossible to discharge home.

Prevents Water Contamination

The POP idols used for the decorative extensive glitter, plastic beads, diamonds, pearls and other such water was contaminate by use of synthetic material.

All of these ingredients are extremely harmful to human and aquatic life causing serious health problems. However, this is not the case with natural clay sculptures.

So, switch to a healthy and safe environment for eco-friendly Ganesha idols.

Keep Bappa’s spirit with you forever

Once the idol of Bappa is pour over in water the remaining red soil can be use for planting which we give you along with your idol. You can use it again for other gardening purposes. In this way you can be sure that Bappa’s soul will be with you as the plant grows.

So now you have not only Bappa, but you are also trying to save the world you have created and keeping him happy. The current situation demands that we stay away from each other socially. This is the perfect time to welcoming eco-friendly Ganpati at your home.

In this way we not only avoid social interaction but also celebrate the festival with our loved ones in the right spirit. Since we have already stayed at home, so nature has had to use this time to regenerate itself and pure.

Let’s plant a sapling each to inspire her faster recovery. We are doing our job by handing you a small plant as a token of gratitude for nature, you plant it at home and do your bit.

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