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We Evolve Online Photography Competition 2021

We Evolve Online Photography Competition

Is an Online activity conducted in the summer to show your talent and creativity in this lockdown? All of us can participate in beginners and professionals no age limit because Art and skills have no limits. Until and unless when you see something and upgrade your skills. Each has a different perspective to see, watch, and think.

This is the right platform to show your photography skills so grab your gadgets and show your creativity to everyone India’s No.1 Art and Talents platforms We Evolve.

Any Age Group

Any Artist has no age limit because they learn new things from different peoples and try to figure out, We evolve is a platform that gives everyone has an equal part to show their talents and creativity.

Photography Topics

Open theme: This is a theme of any kind of image which you like to click.Nature: Landscape, Sea, Mountains
Photo with a message: You must think about what problems we are facing? | What is the change in our life. And shows what is the picture tells about.Portrait: Black&White, Face, Men, Womens, Kids
Table-top: Take any kind of objects such as food, gadgets, cosmetics, etc with same colour,
no other colour should be repeated.
Light and Shadow: With the help of light you can create a shadow for eg. Take an object
place in a center gives a light source and creates the shadow.
Tell your story in 3 different pictures: Click 3 photos and create a story.Abstract

Last Date for Photography Submission

30th June 2021 at 12:00 pm.

3 Winner can get attractive prizes and certificates! all other participants also get a certificate to develop their talent!

To be in with a chance of winning these exceptional prizes, please complete the form below and email a picture of your entry by 23rd May 2021 at 12:00 pm. Winners will be chosen and announced on 1st July 2021

Contact Us

E-mail to  [email protected]
Whatsapp Number +91 9819 222 908 | +91 8108 363 519

Registration form

Registration Charges Only Rs. 20/-

Payment Method :- Please click the below button

Upload Your Drawing

Scan your drawing in JPG format click choose file and upload your Photographs

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Winner Update on 1st July 2021

Winners will be declare on 1st July 2021, Stay Updated.

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Winners price distribution

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