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What are the benefits of Immunity booster supplements?

What is Multi vitamin?

Multivitamins and multi-minerals are some of the most commonly used supplements in the world. Their popularity has grown exponentially over the last few decades. Some people believe that multivitamins can improve health, reverse bad eating habits and even reduce the risk of developing chronic illness.

Multivitamins are supplements that contain different types of vitamins and minerals, sometimes with other ingredients. Considering that there is no standard for what multivitamins are made for their nutritional composition varies according to brand and product.

Multivitamins are also called multis, multiples, or simply vitamins. They are available in a variety of forms, including tablets, capsules, chewable gummy, powder, and liquid. Most multivitamins must be taken once or twice a day. Be sure to read the table and follow the recommended dosage instructions.

Multivitamins are available online as well as in pharmacies, major discount stores, and supermarkets.

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, which means your body cannot make it. Nevertheless, it has multiple functions and has been linked to impressive health benefits. It is soluble in water and is found in many fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, pumpkin peppers, broccoli, blackberries, and spinach.

The daily intake for vitamin C is 75 mg for women and 90 mg for men. People often turn to supplements to meet their vitamin C needs, even though food is a good source.

Benefits of vitamin C

1. Reduce the risk of chronic disease

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can enhance the body’s natural defenses. Antioxidants are molecules that boost the immune system. They do this by protecting cells from harmful molecules called free radicals. As free radicals build up, they can trigger oxidative stress, which is linked to many chronic diseases.

Studies show that taking more vitamin C can increase your antioxidant levels by up to 30%. It helps the body’s natural defenses to fight inflammation.

2. Help to manage high blood pressure

High blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death around the world. Studies h shown that vitamin C can help lower blood pressure in both high blood pressure and non-high blood pressure.

An animal study found that taking a vitamin C supplement helped relax the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart, which helped reduce blood pressure levels. In addition, an analysis of 29 human studies found that taking a vitamin C supplement in healthy adults lowered systolic blood pressure (upper value) by 3.8 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure (lower value) by 1.5 mmHg by an average.

In adults with hypertension, vitamin C supplements lowered systolic blood pressure by an average of 4.9 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 1.7 mmHg.

While these results are promising, it is unclear whether the effects on blood pressure are long-term. In addition, people with hypertension should not rely solely on vitamin C for treatment.

3. Lower risk of heart diseases

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Many factors, including high blood pressure, high triglycerides, or low levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and low levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, increase the risk of a heart attack.

Vitamin C can help reduce risk factors, which in turn can reduce the risk of a heart attack. For example, an analysis of 9 studies of a combined 293,172 participants found that after 10 years, people who took at least 700 mg of vitamin C daily had a 25% lower risk of heart attack than those who did not take vitamin C supplements.

In particular, another study of 15 studies found that taking vitamin C from non-supplemental foods reduced the risk of a heart attack. However, scientists weren’t sure that people who consumed vitamin C also followed a healthier lifestyle than people who took supplements.

Thus, these differences remain unclear as to whether they are due to Vitamin C or other aspects of their diet. Another analysis of the study looked at the effects of taking at least 500 mg of vitamin C per day on heart risk factors, such as blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

In short, taking or consuming at least 500 mg of vitamin C daily seems to reduce the risk of a heart attack. However, if you are already on a vitamin-C-rich diet, supplements may not offer additional heart health benefits.

4. Helps prevents iron deficiency

Iron is an important nutrient that has many different functions in the body. It is needed to make red blood cells and to carry oxygen throughout the body.

Vitamin C supplements may help improve the absorption of iron. Vitamin C helps convert low-absorbable iron, such as plant-based iron sources, into an easy-to-absorb form. This is especially useful for people who are on a meat-free diet, as meat is a major source of iron. Just taking 100 mg of vitamin C can increase iron absorption by 67%.

As a result, vitamin C may help reduce the risk of anemia in people with iron deficiency. If you have low iron levels, eating high vitamin-C-rich foods or taking vitamin C supplements can help improve your iron levels.

5. Boost Immunity

The main reason people take vitamin C supplements is to boost their immune system, as vitamin C is involved in many parts of the immune system.

First, Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells, known as lymphocytes and phagocytes, which help protect the body against infection.

Second, vitamin C helps white blood cells function more efficiently and protects them from damage caused by potentially harmful molecules, such as free radicals.

Third, Vitamin C is an essential component of the skin’s immune system. It is actively deliver to the skin, where it may act as an antioxidant and help strengthen skin barriers.

Studies have also shown that taking vitamin C shortens the healing time of wounds. Moreover, low vitamin C levels link to poor health outcomes. For example, people who have pneumonia tend to have lower vitamin C levels, and supplements were shown to shorten the recovery time.

6. Protects your memory and thinking as you age

Dementia is a broad term worn to describe the symptoms of bad thinking and memory loss. It affects over 35 million people worldwide and is commonly found in older adults.

Studies suggest that oxidative stress and inflammation (commonly known as the central nervous system) near the brain, spinal cord, and nerves may increase the risk of dementia. Vitamin C is powerful antioxidant low levels of this vitamin are link to poor thinking and memory ability.

In addition, several studies have shown that people with dementia may have lower levels of vitamin C. Taking high amounts of vitamin C from food or supplements can have a protective effect on your thinking and memory as you age.

If you do not get enough vitamin C from your diet, then vitamin C supplements can help with conditions like dementia. However, additional human studies require to understand the effects of vitamin C supplements on the health of the nervous system.

Best Immunity booster supplement

Many supplements available in the market can help in improving immune health. Zinc, elderberry, and vitamins C and D are some of the substances that have been researching for their ability to boost immunity.

However, these supplements may provide some benefits for immune health. They should not be used as substitutes for a healthy lifestyle and cannot be used.

Aim to eat a well-balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking. This is one of the most important ways you can keep your immune system healthy and reduce the chances of infection and disease.

If you decide you’d like to try a supplement, talk to a health care professional first. This is because some supplements may interact with certain medications or may be unsuitable for some people.

1. Fast & Up Charge Plus

Fast&Up Charge Plus is originating with completely natural Amla extract along with the added advantage of Giloy. Vitamin D3 and Zinc helps to provide 4-way advanced immunity defense action formula to enhance and maintain daily immunity and daily health.

It comes with the goodness of Amla and Giloy extract acts as a source of Natural Vitamin C. Amla and Giloy helps to provide bioflavonoids and antioxidants that help to boost immunity.

Fast & Up Charge Plus also provides the added advantage of 200 IU Vitamin D3 and 10mg Elemental Zinc helps to provide antioxidant support to fight harmful pathogens enhance our daily health and promotes general well-being. The Fast & Up Charge Plus is diabetic-friendly and it can be consume by anyone daily for the best result.

It is safe for consumption 12 years and above. The best time to consume fast & up is post any meal. Each effervescent tablet with orange flavor and is formulated with premium swiss effervescent technology.

That helps in faster nutrient absorption, faster action, and better bioavailability as compared to normal Vitamin C tablets or capsules.

Fast&Up charge plus

2. Fast & Up Charge Kidz

Fast&Up Charge Kids formulated with 8 immunity-boosting ingredients helps to boost immunity and stay healthy and active all day. It is a kind of triple-action formula consisting of Immunity Boosting Herbs and Essential nutrients that strengthen your kids against possible viral infections of all kinds.

Fast&Up Charge Kidz is a combination of active vitamin C Complex and natural Amla extracts +100% RDA effectively fights harmful pathogens and boosts immunity.

Fast&Up charge kidz

3. Oziva Plant Based Immunity booster

The Oziva natural immunity booster supplement is an ideal formula for boosting your immunity naturally. Contains 5 super antioxidant whole foods, 4 Immunity herbs, and 3 standardized Vitamin plant extracts.

The Immunity Booster provides 200 mg of natural Vitamin C which has 15.6 times higher antioxidant activity and better absorption than synthetic Vitamin C.

Helps boost immunity naturally with ingredients like Elderberry, Guduchi (Giloy), Acerola Cherry, Tulsi plant extracts, etc. It offers 100% plant-derived vitamin C and super-antioxidant goodness.

It helps improve respiratory health and fight infections with a unique blend of Elderberry Extract, Acerola Cherry, Acai Berry that are naturally richer in Flavonoid Bio Actives.

Oziva plant based immunity booster

4. Wellbeing nutrition Immunity booster kadha

Wellbeing Nutrition Kadha is a concentrated, hot water-soluble herbal preparation of 13 carefully selected Organic Ayurvedic tested medicinal herbs used over centuries to fight and combat common cold, cough, congestion, and infections. It is an effective remedy to boost body immunity.

Rooted in the trusted science of Ayurveda kadha / detox immunity tea/detox kahwa tea/ herbal tea/ ginger tea is one of the oldest and most potent forms of medicine/remedy for various ingredients.

Just drop and dissolve an effervescent tablet in 250ml hot water for 1-2 minutes and experience the grandma’s kadha on the go! 100% organic and made up with natural ayurvedic, healing ingredients, and lots of love. Contains no added colors, sugars, flavors, or preservatives.

It helps stimulate phagocytosis and has natural antibiotic and anti-infection properties. Wellbeing Kadha is most effective for analgesic, antipyretic, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory thus accounting for immediate relief and was borne out of our need to deliver pure, effective, and trustable Ayurvedic products to the world.

Wellbeing nutrition immunity booster kadha

5. Wellbeing Nutrition Immunity booster tablets

Wellbeing Immunity Booster – Vitamin C is a powerful immunity supplement that supports the production and function of white blood cells in the body. Thus, strengthening the body’s defense system. Take the Wellbeing Nutrition Vitamin C + Zinc for stronger immunity.

 Known as the world’s favorite antioxidants, Vitamin C and Zinc strengthen your body’s natural defenses. Loaded with powerful skin brightening and anti-aging properties, this Wellbeing Nutrition duo helps fade dark spots, reduce pigmentation, boost collagen production and improve iron absorption for radiant and glowing skin.

Equipped with skin brightening properties, rejuvenates skin health, Vitamin C helps fade away dark spots and evens out the complexion. It also stimulates collagen synthesis while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Zinc is familiar for its powerful anti-inflammatory property which protects the skin against inflammatory acne and related scarring. Get brighter, younger-looking skin with the Wellbeing Nutrition Vitamin C + Zinc.

This Wellbeing Nutrition makes from a natural blend of Vitamin C + Zinc Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Elderberry, Acerola Cherry, and Rosehip. This means no artificial processing, only pure goodness. One tube contains 1000 mg of vitamin C and zinc.

100% RDA of Each tab of Vitamin C + Zinc delivers 100% RDA of these two essential nutrients, thus keeping deficiencies away! Just drop, fizz, and drink up for stronger immunity, all-day energy.

Wellbeing nutrition immunity booster tablets

6. Your Happy Life Immunity booster

This supercharged immunity booster is India’s first complete solution immunity supplement. With powerful bioactive plant-based extracts (turmeric – curcumin extract, black elderberry, echinacea & ginger) plus 100% daily requirement of vitamins & minerals, these immunity tablets combat illnesses, fight inflammation, strengthen your body’s defenses, and aid in faster recovery.

It helps strengthen your poor immunity. Protect you from stress & travel-related illnesses. Help sustain your energy through the day. Improved mental clarity & focus. Better sleep patterns & reduce fatigue. Improved long-term health. Senior citizens’ health and well-being.

The first immunity booster supplements tablet in India that combines powerful botanicals with 100% of the daily requirement of vitamins & minerals to keep your body’s defenses strong & resilient! The first immunity booster in India to be 100% sugar-free using monk fruit extract as a natural antioxidant sweetener.

Added benefits include improved mental clarity & focus, Better sleep patterns & reduced fatigue. The only immunity supplement with complete anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties to help improve your immune defenses.

Your happy life immunity-boosting supplement is your 24/7 support system. One tablet a day for a supercharged immune system.

Your Happy life immunity booster

7. Himalayan Organic plant-based Immunity booster

The Himalayas are famous for their vast storehouse of rare plants grown under exceptional climatic conditions. We source all high-performance plant-based ingredients from certified suppliers around the country. Himalayan Organics Immunity booster capsules contain potent antioxidants & are rich in essential minerals vital to strengthen your immune health naturally.

It makes certain nutrients and minerals more bio-available to your body to keep you protected forever with extra immune support. Due to the goodness of the powerful antioxidants, these capsules naturally strengthen your immune health.

With the blend of plant-based extracts rich in antioxidants, the Immunity booster supplements discourage free radicals to strengthen your body’s defense mechanism for good health always. These capsules are a blend of over 25 natural ingredients which are a rich source of essential nutrients. Plant-based compounds are important for complete nutrition and overall health.

Consume 1 capsule a day with water regularly, preferably 1-2 hours before undertaking any physical activity, after meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

The Himalayan Vegetarian capsules are natural, Gluten-Free contains NO Fillers, Binders, Chemicals, or Artificial Flavors. These products are made GMP certified facility. All our plant-based supplements are a blend of fresh, wholesome fruits & veggies that are truly nourishing for your body, mind & soul.

Himalayan organic plant based immunity booster

8. Himalayan organic natural immunity boosting powder

The Himalayan natural immunity-boosting powder is a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Prepared by using 24 whole food ingredients that helps support the immune system.

This powder supplement is plant-based, vegan, and safe to consume by adults and seniors. It does not contain harmful chemicals, gluten, or unnecessary artificial agents. The formulas are rich in vitamins and minerals that help in immune and overall health. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm cold and cough.

Take 1 rounded teaspoon 5gram of powder, mix with lukewarm water. Daily in the morning before breakfast or as advised by a physician.

Himalayan organic natural immunity boosting powders are vegan lab-tested, Expert-approved, and 3rd party tested for high potency and purity to ensure the best quality and safety performance.

Himalayan Organic natural immunity booster powder

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