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How Technology Is Shaping the Future of Fashion

The idea of combining future fashion technology with high-tech has been around for almost 30 years. Technological advances such as artificial intelligence, automation, and virtual reality have a huge impact on the global fashion industry. This is how Fashioned technology is happening in the future.

They aim to be digital first-hand, to diversify, and to work together with growing sustainability trends. As we go back in time, examples of post future fashion technology can be found in the 1860s.

When Levi Strauss invented blue jeans. The first “blue jeans” were created for cowboys from a blue canvas, which they had brought with them to make the tent. Later, copper rivets were added to strengthen the points of tension in strategic locations such as pocket corners.

The first company to make Levi’s jeans was founded in 1889 in Kansas, USA. The company has change the face of fashion forever by using new future technology. We can say that blue jeans improve gender equality because women working on farms, started wearing them in the 1930s.

Fashion has changed from one decade to another decade. But jeans were always remaining just change the size or style. In recent years technology has dominated the fashion industry.

As with all fields, future fashion technology is revolutionizing data analytics, artificial intelligence, the use of virtual technology, and how businesses operate. In light of the technology the retail sector is growing and there is a need to adapt to the new landscape of retailers and embrace the fashion industry turning point.

How Technology helps fashion?

Fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation in everything from the invention of the sewing machine to the growth of e-commerce. Technology, fashion is also forward and cyclical. The fashion sector is also the largest industry in the world. Today, fashion technology is already growing at a much faster pace than ever.

Clothing displays an array of stitching and cutting robots. AI algorithms to predict the style trend, VR mirror in the dressing room and other innovations that automate the technique to fashion space is personalized and fast. In this report, we dive into your clothes and how to design accessories, manufactured, distributed, and marketed, trends shaping them again.

Fashion brands and features to customers of all sizes are using more than before to better understand the technology. As these data collection efforts become more sophisticated, the approach to the design and development of artificial intelligence brand products may change and the emphasis will be on predicting what consumers want next.

Out of fashion, manufacturers are using AI to create out-of-the-box offer-the-prototypes for products ranging from aircraft parts to golf equipment. The market expects $44.5B of generative design software by 2030, per CB Insights industry analysts agree.

Technology has made it easier to show a large audience of fashion trends for the fashion brand. Technology benefits not only the brand but also the consumers. Fashion products are a more accessible and more convenient process.

Technology is the development trend in the industry by creating a unique design. During the day, designers create such designs without their knowledge. However, with efforts to design apps, it has become rare for designs to be similar or precise. Thanks to all the power of computer technology, once you have secured your security, make sure your artificial intelligence is safe.

How E- commerce uses in fashion

The rise of mobile e-commerce websites is perhaps one of the most significant impacts of technology. Unlike a few years ago nowadays Internet access worldwide.  Using your smartphone, fashion worldwide savvy buyers can not only take your favorite home furnishings. But also attractive promo codes or coupons for discounts on your favorite clothing lines.

Digital technological innovations such as digital wallets and paid through social media applications have made shopping easy as before. From a business point of view mobile commerce websites allow you to buy with the products to our customers easily find and minimum discomfort to the comfort of your home.

Digital printing technology has had an impact for a long time on many industries, and fashion is probably one of the biggest beneficiaries of this innovation.  Ranging from jewelry to clothes to shoes, building everything is done through these days 3D printers.

Three-dimensional printing manufacturers add unique details and allow us to provide masterpieces. The ability to create unique designs and styles is another effect of modern technology.

How is AI used in fashion?

The fashion industry is being made in many ways using Artificial Intelligence. The first use of AI in future fashion technology is in the role of consultant. Customers to their height, weight, recommended clothing depending on the size and the current size of the artificial use of intelligent digital assistants.

Global fashion industry 2% healthy contribution to global GDP. Sewing machine or eCommerce market the fashion industry has always been a leader in technological innovation. In the 21st century artificial intelligence in the future fashion industry (AI) or technology-driven innovation. Such as machine learning are changing every aspect of this forward-looking business domain.

The use of AI in the 2020 fashion industry has become so deep that 44% of fashion retailers (those who haven’t adopted AI) have gone bankrupt. As a result, every year 2022 is expected to AI technologies, fashion and reach global spending 7.3 billion retail industry.

Well, AI is not the only technology trending in 2020, look at Analytics and Business Intelligence Trends in 2020. The relevance of technologies such as AI and machine learning to the fashion industry worldwide.

Fashion brand Chatbots and voice assistant devices are starting to take advantage of conversational assistants through Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana. Using the conversational interface asking questions of the fashion brand with customers understand, customer wants and trends. Can dip deep into their purchasing practices, and collect relevant data suggesting items and add-ons.

For example, when a customer needs a website or interact instead of new shoes or dress the mobile app, they can easily communicate with those agents. Through further and communication back, the customer can find the optimal fashion product or accessory item. This interaction provides very valuable information provides more satisfaction to customers and fashion brands.

What are the factors affecting fashion?

Clothing only body not to cover but is more than too much for people. This is another way of expressing wealth, status, gender, culture, etc. Everyone has their style, which is something that sets them apart from others.

It often changes from generation to generation. Certain issues have been identified which have a great impact on the production and consumption of fashion products. Influencing fashion that the main factors can be mainly divided into four sections.

1. Social Factor

Social change has been particularly important in influencing fashion. There was a time when women did not have the right to vote, could not own property, could not even earn except in limited occupations.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the only choice of clothing for women was that their father and husband wanted to wear them.

Social awareness

Digital media, fashion magazines, and window displays have increased awareness and knowledge among people about the latest colors, patterns, and fashion elements. People only feel more confident to try the latest trends rather than trying to remain fashionable.


Comfort was the major factor everyone was looking for. From kid’s wear to formal wear, sportswear to nightwear and even accessories, comfort was a must. This factor gave designers more room to experiment with their new creations.

2. Cultural factors influencing fashion

Paris, London, Milan, has a great impact on fashion in many places such as New York and more. Fashion optimize trickle has turned down the trickle across.

Current fashion guidelines come from everywhere such as streetwear among youth and other ethnic groups. Since 1960, the source of fashion influence has multiplied.

By the end of the 1960s, it was very clear fashion interest in world cultures. Designers have now started to focus on ethnic minorities because of something in every culture and so designers started to include more design aspects in their patterns.

3. Political factors

During the 20th century, several important events have revolutionized production, influenced design, and encouraged the trade in textiles and clothing, both nationally and internationally.

First world war

During World War I, women were force to move out of their homes and work in factories. It was also extremely dangerous to wear long clothes or have long hair in a factory working environment.

Women had no choice but to trim their hair and wear short skirts and dresses. Fashion was concern by the lack of money and unemployment after World War I.

Second world war

During the Second World War in 1940, many countries went through a recession. People had less money to spend, and women began to use shorter skirts and shorter clothing because it was less expensive. During this period, leather and T-shirts have become very popular.

Period between wars

There was a period between the two world wars that were often consider the golden age of French fashion. This was the time when some great changes took places such as the prince and princess lost their thrones and cars were replace by vehicles for transport.

Influenced of Indian leaders on fashion

Mahatma Gandhi was known as the first true Indian designer who urged wear clothes made from khadi in India. It was his initiative that could prove the unity of India.

Khadi after returning from South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi received more recognition. Mahatma Gandhi understood that for a nation to be self-reliant, it must start manufacturing its products.

First Lady

First lady Jacqueline Kennedy was undoubtedly one of the greatest style icons in the early 1960s. Equaled his look was not able to have any.

He was able to dress a geometric Givenchy shift a sharp Chanel suit or buy a pastel Oleg Cassini coat. He drew all the attention with pearl necklace bran and shiny earrings with her bright pink dress design.

4. Environmental factor

Weather affects clothing which is one of the major factors. For protection from extreme climatic conditions such as cold, heat, rain and we choose our clothes.

The choice of clothing varies with the environment. People wear bright and light clothes in summers while preferring heavy and dull clothes during winters. In the future, clothing trends will always depend on atmospheric conditions, among other factors.

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